Dwayne Johnson first revealed his involvement with a developing Baywatch project nine months ago on his personal Instagram account when he posted an image of himself on a jet ski, alongside the caption: "Rumors are true... we're making #BAYWATCH the movie".

But only now it seems as if the propellers are finally starting to turn, as the studio bosses eye up director Seth Gordon to come along for the ride.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gordon is in negotiations to helm the Paramount Pictures big-screen adaptation of the 1990s show about red cossie-wearing lifeguards in California, and will allegedly be working with the most recent draft for a script, which has been penned by Friday The 13<sup>th screenwriters Damian Shannon and Mark Swift.

The plot will centre around Johnson's character, a by-the-book lifeguard who is forced to team up with a young hothead with a blatant disregard for authority in order to save their local beach from environmental destruction brought about by a ruthless oil tycoon.

The film will also be produced by Beau Flynn (San Andreas) and Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters).

The Baywatch movie has been in the pipeline since 2004 – just three years after the iconic television series went off the air but it's been running in slow motion ever since, due to the film-maker's difficulty both to find the right story and also determine the tone for a modern-day cinematic version.

The programme itself – despite being the subject of jokes and mockery nowadays, which is now regarded as part of its charm – originally took itself seriously when it came to its ""action/drama" branding, a genre that probably wouldn't work that well with the subject matter if on the silver screen now.

With his filmography consisting of titles such as Horrible Bosses and Identity Thief, which were both strong comedies featuring threads of action, it seems like Gordon would be the right man for the job, particularly when it comes to really honing in on Baywatch's funny side without losing the initial essence of what the series was all about.

Whilst there will undoubtedly be a brand new cast, led by Johnson, parts have also supposedly been written especially so stars David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson can appear in some capacity.

The project is reportedly set to start filming in early 2016, aiming for a release in the summertime the following year, giving you lots of time to get your swimsuits ready!