Neuroon Sleeping Mask
The Neuroon Sleeping Mask promises a great night's sleep and a possible solution for jet lag. Inteliclinic

Jet lag can ruin any holiday as long haul flights leave you clawing the walls from an upturned sleeping pattern. But assistance may be here thanks to an intelligent wearable called the Neuroon Sleeping Mask, which promises to deliver a solution to sleepless nights.

Designed by start-up tech company Intelclinic, the high-tech eye-wear looks to built-in LED lights and biometric sensors to help users regulate sleep during flights and on terra firma, hopefully heralding the end of the cheap, uncomfortable airline eye mask in the process. It's also promising to revolutionise spur-of-the-moment napping with a plethora of features, all via an accompanying iOS and Android app and Bluetooth connection.

While anyone can make use of the mask, the Jet Lag Blocker function has been specifically included to provide some much needed sleep therapy for long-distance travellers. By registering a journey within the app, the user sets themselves up for a hearty hour's dose of short light bursts which alters the melatonin levels in the would-be-dreamer's body.

With the assistance of built-in biometric sensors, the Neuroon system "monitors the user's sleep architecture, providing advanced sleep analysis and offers optimization advice," altering the subject's body clock to suit long-flights and disrupted sleep patterns.

For some of the more common bothersome bed-time issues, the wearable has a Light Boost feature which uses light spectrum therapy which Intelclinic claim "diminishes drowsiness, and has a similar effect as caffeine."

Sleep Analytics and a Biorhythm Adjuster also respectively report on your sleep quality and analyse your sleep patterns, while a Sunrise feature manipulates the light within the mask to simulate a "natural sunrise", which sounds positively lovely.

The Ultimate Nap

One dreamy-sounding feature is the Personal Pause nap-booster which "makes recommendations for the best time to take a nap so that you can feel fresh and energised for the rest of your day." The Neuroon website lists four stages of temporary slumber, with the 90 minute 'Ultimate Nap' promising to boost energy levels, sharpen the senses and increase the user's creativity.

The mask measures a fair amount of bodily functions thanks to its biometric sensors, with the user's pulse, temperature and brain activity (EEG) encompassing just some of the data which is transmitted to the bespoke smartphone app.

Having to shell out $299 (£205) plus shipping costs and suffer the ten sleepless weeks estimated for delivery might be a bit of a nightmare, but can you really put a price on a good night's sleep?

IBTimes UK is hoping to try out the Neuroon for ourselves so we can test out whether it really works and not just to have a reasonable excuse for a cheeky siesta. In the meantime, why not check out some of the other weird and wonderful wearables we've spotted, such as the safety-conscious, turn-signalling Lumos Astor cycling backpack and a pair of shoes which can charge your mobile phone's battery as you stroll.