Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge
How to enable CSC feature on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Samsung

You can now enable the hidden CSC (Consumer Software Customisation) features on your Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, thanks to a list shared by XDA forum member, tiboric. The CSC code carries details about the software features bound to any particular region and carrier branding.

Using the codes you can enable a wide range of features which Samsung has disabled for your region such as Wi-Fi calling in settings, native voice recording, shutter sound switch in camera and VoLTE support. The forum member claims to have tested the features on both Galaxy S6 and its edge screen variant.

But to get these features working, you need to have a rooted device, a root editor and text editor. Just navigate to system/csc/others.xml and add the following lines to the end of the file.

If the file does not exist, create the csc folder in system and a text file within it and change the name to others.xml. Also, create a backup of the stock files, so that if something goes wrong you would be able to restore the current set-up.

Download links:

For Wi-Fi calling in phone settings:


< CscFeature_Setting_SupportWifiCall >TRUE < /CscFeature_Setting_SupportWifiCall >

Enable native voice call recording:

Code- < CscFeature_VoiceCall_ConfigRecording>RecordingAllowed < / CscFeature_VoiceCall_ConfigRecording >

Enable shutter sound switch in camera settings:


< CscFeature_Camera_ShutterSoundMenu>true < /CscFeature_Camera_ShutterSoundMenu >

Enable camera during call


< CscFeature_Camera_EnableCameraDuringCall> < /CscFeature_Camera_EnableCameraDuringCall >

Enable manual rotation options in gallery:


< CscFeature_Gallery_AddAutoRotationIcon>true < /CscFeature_Gallery_AddAutoRotationIcon >

Continuous music while using camera:


< CscFeature_Camera_CamcorderDoNotPauseMusic>< /CscFeature_Camera_CamcorderDoNotPauseMusic >

Enable scheduled messaging options in messaging app:


< CscFeature_Message_EnableScheduledMessage>true < /CscFeature_Message_EnableScheduledMessage >

< CscFeature_Message_EnableScheduledMsgBox>true < /CscFeature_Message_EnableScheduledMsgBox >

Enable exit buttons in default browse:


< CscFeature_Web_AddOptionToTerminate>true < /CscFeature_Web_AddOptionToTerminate >

Enable second symbol keys on stock keyboard:


< CscFeature_Sip_UseSymbolInCMKey>true < /CscFeature_Sip_UseSymbolInCMKey >

< CscFeature_Sip_EnableSymbolInSecondary>de;en_US;en_GB < /CscFeature_Sip_EnableSymbolInSecondary

Enable VoLTE support


< CscFeature_IMS_EnableVoLTE>true < /CscFeature_IMS_EnableVoLTE >

Remove NFC enabled icon in the status bar:

Delete line :

< CscFeature_NFC_StatusBarIconType>DEFAULT < /CscFeature_NFC_StatusBarIconType >

Sort app draw alphabetically:


< CscFeature_Launcher_EnableViewByAlphabetAsDefault >true < /CscFeature_Launcher_EnableViewByAlphabetAsDefault >

If you have trouble enabling the codes, head over to XDA development thread for more information.