Nvidia Shield Tablet
Android 5.0.1 update is rolling out for Nvidia Shield Tablet. Nvidia

Nvidia has rolled out the latest Android 5.0.1 (Lollipop) update along with software upgrade 2.1 via over-the-air (OTA) for its Shield gaming tablet users.

Along with the new operating system version, the update contains several important enhancements to improve the Shield experience. Camera enhancements with Live HD effects, Shield Power Control menu, OpenGL 4.5 support and memory optimisations are a few of the key features included in this update.

If the OTA update has not hit your region yet, don't worry - you can manually install the update using the OTA zip files shared by the XDA members.

Below are two methods to install Android 5.0.1 on the Shield Tablet; one via recovery mode and the other one with ADB sideload. You can follow either of the methods to flash the latest Android version onto your Shield Tablet.

Nvidia Shield Tablet
Screenshots of Android 5.0.1 update for Nvidia Shield Tablet. XDA

Key notes

  • Create a back up of all important data on the tablet before flashing the stock OTA firmware.
  • The Shied Tablet should have above 80% battery charge.
  • The OTA files work with Nvidia Shield Tablet. Applying this on any other device could damage the device.
  • Enable USB debugging mode from Settings>> Developers options.
  • Setup ADB and fastboot files on your PC. You can also download the minimal Fastboot/ADB tool.
  • IBTimes UK will not be held liable for any damage to the device.

Download links:

Android 5.0.1 (EU LTE) [Alternate link] or Wi-Fi version

How to install Android 5.0.1 OTA update on Nvidia Shield Tablet through recovery

Step 1: Download Android 5.0.1 OTA file from the links above for Nvidia Shield Tablet. Move the zip file to the internal storage of the tablet.

Step 2: Boot the Shield Tablet into recovery mode. Power off the tablet. Press Volume Down and Power buttons together to enter Bootloader mode. Using the Volume rockers navigate to recovery option from the bootloader and select it with the Power button.

Step 3: In recovery, select Install >> choose OTA zip from the sdcard. Confirm the flashing process and wait for some time until it is completed.

Step 4: Upon the completion of the installation, reboot the tablet. The initial boot might take a few minutes.

Install Android 5.0.1 OTA update on Nvidia Shield Tablet using ADB sideload

Step 1: Download and extract the ADB files on your PC.

Step 2: Open a command prompt in the ADB folder. For this, right click anywhere in an empty place inside the folder while holding the Shift key.

Step 3: Connect the Shield Tablet to your PC using a USB cable. Reboot the Android device into recovery mode.

Step 4: In the recovery mode, enter ADB sideload menu:

  • For CWM, head over to Install >> Install Zip from Sideload.
  • For TWRP, go to Advanced >> ADB Sideload.

Step 5: Copy the zip file you want to install on your device to the ADB folder.

Step 6: Execute the following command in the command prompt.

  • adb sideload <filename.zip>

Step 7: You should see a progress bar in the command prompt showing the zip file is being copied to the device. Once the file is moved, it will be automatically installed on your tablet

Step 8: After the installation is finished successfully, reboot the tablet

You can now enjoy the new Android 5.0.1 update with various system improvements on your Shield Tablet.