If the manual installation of OxygenOS, released earlier this month on OnePlus One, is too much for you - don't worry. OnePlus forum member, svensonic1 has released OxygenOS installer tool, which automatically installs OxygenOS on your OnePlus One, without any hassle. Just click one button and get the ADB installed and USB debugging on.

The tool, as the member notes, installs a custom recovery, unlock bootloader of the phone and installs OxygenOS automatically.

Note that if it gives an error on screen with regards to something from a sideload, just run the sideload.bat file. Check out the following changelog and installation guide. Keep in mind that installation will be at your own risk.


Oxygen Mini:

Build 1.4 (unstable)

  • Better layout
  • Better install system
  • Automatic update system
  • Hosted from dedicated server
  • Sideload.bat got a little fix

Build 1.5N (current)

  • First update pushed over the air
  • Stable (tested)
  • Added a button to unlock bootloader manually (press this button before pressing the "Install" button
  • (1.5N has fixed a little grammar error no other things)

Oxygen Mini Mac:

Build 1.0M (est. No date yet)

  • Apple Computer support
  • Based on Build 1.3 from Oxygen Mini Windows

ROM Installer Special Edition:

  • Build 1.1 (est. 8-4-2015)
  • Based on Build 1.5 from Oxygen Mini Windows
  • Better layout


Click here to get the link (at all installation steps enter 'Y')

Enable USB debugging mode.

  • Go to the Settings
  • Click below on About Phone
  • Tap seven times build number
  • Go back to settings
  • Click on Developer Options
  • Enable USB Debugging

Download links:

With Oxygen.zip

Without oxygen.zip

Download .zip from OxygenOS site

  • Rename the zip to Oxygen.zip
  • Add it in the same folder as the TWRP and the Oxygen Installer.exe
  • Extract Oxygen

If you want to know more about the OxygenOS installer mini edition, head over to the development thread. For help check the video walk-through.