A special ceremony was reportedly organised to put late Princess Diana's spirit to rest at Sandringham family estate. A new report citing the work by late veteran journalist, diarist and royal biographer Kenneth Rose revealing some unknown secrets of the royal British family has unravelled.

Kenneth Rose kept a private journal of sensational stories from the inside of the palace, which were published in the second volume "Who Loses, Who Wins: The Journals of Kenneth Rose, Vol II 1979-2014," following his death in 2014.

According to Daily Mail, the excerpt from January 2001, four years after Princess Diana's death, Queen Elizabeth II invited Queen Mother, close friend Prue Penn and a local parson for a secret service at Sandringham home. This was organised after some of the royal helpers complained that the room was haunted and refused to work there.

As per the diary entry, the parson walked from room to room and sensed some restlessness in one of them. The ceremony was held in one of the rooms located on the ground floor and was once used as a bedroom for George VI in his final days. During the service, the three present members took Holy Communion and said special sacred prayers to bring "tranquility." The diary makes it clear that it was nothing like an exorcism.

"The parson said that the oppressive or disturbing atmosphere may have been because of Princess Diana: he had known such things before when someone died a violent death," Rose wrote.

Apart from this, Rose's account brought to light several other behind-the-scene secrets of the palace. In one of the entries, he revealed how Diana chose to leave out some 50 guests from the invitees' list because they did not attend her sisters' wedding. Meanwhile, a few incidents showing the queen's fondness of dogs and horses have also been cited. And, her issues with former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher have also been mentioned.

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Princess Diana seen walking through a field of landmines in Angola Reuters

Princess Diana died in a terrifying car crash accident on August 31, 1997, during her trip to Paris, which had deeply affected Prince William and Prince Harry who were just 15 and 12 at the time.