Microsoft recently rolled out the highly-anticipated backwards compatibility feature with its Windows 10-powered dashboard update. Consequently, the video-gaming community got the privilege to enjoy over 100 classic Xbox 360 titles on Xbox One, using this new feature.

Similarly, Sony recently confirmed its plans to bring PlayStation 2 (PS2) games to its current flagship console, the PS4. However, if you own an Xbox One along with some supported Xbox 360 game titles, you can follow the step-by-step guide posted below in order to configure your classic game titles to run on the latest Microsoft console:

Note: Your Xbox One should be running the latest NXOE or the new Windows 10 Experience update that was released in November.

Steps to run backwards compatible Xbox 360 games on Xbox One

For digital or downloaded version

  • If you own a digital or downloaded version of old Xbox 360 titles, just log into Xbox One and navigate to "My games & apps" section, wherein you will find the full list of Xbox One titles that have been purchased. Also, check out the full list of backwards compatible games for Xbox One from the official Microsoft site.
  • In the main interface, scroll all the way to the right to view previously purchased Xbox 360 titles. You will only see those which are backward-compatible in this list.
  • Just click the game icon that you want to play and it should be downloaded to your Xbox One.
  • Once the download completes, it will show up in the Ready to Install section on the main interface of "My games & apps" section. Just select the game and hit Install to complete the process.

Disc version or DVD

  • In case you own a disc or DVD version of the game title, just insert the disc into your Xbox One console.
  • Let the game download itself to Xbox One via Xbox Live. Wait until the download completes and then you can start playing your favourite backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles on the new Microsoft console.

Note:You need to leave the disc in the drive after the game is installed in order to play the game.

[Source: Microsoft Xbox Support]