Xperia Z3
carbonROM Sony

CarbonROM, a popular Android custom build based on CyanogenMod and Android Open Source Project claimed to deliver fast and stable performance, while fully packed with features. Along with numerous customisation, the ROM has features from other well known ROMs, such as Slim ROM, AOKP, AICP and Omni to be mentioned.


  • AudioFX Equaliser
  • AOSP & CM Audio features
  • Slim Extra features like: Camera Shutter sound, Screenshot Sound, Safe Headset Volume, Less frequent notification sounds, etc.
  • Volume steps,
  • Audio charge notification

Display options

  • Adaptive Brightness
  • Daydream
  • Ambient display
  • Wake Up on charge
  • Double tap to sleep
  • Omni screen recorder
  • Color calibration
  • Expanded desktop

CM Notification manager

  • Slim Heads up notifications and its features


  • CM shortcuts
  • Slim shortcuts
  • Weather with custom style

CarbonFibers features menu

  • Status bar
  • Slim Clock & Date options
  • Weather
  • Battery options (Portrait, landscape, circle, dotted circle text or hidden)
  • Mobile & Wi-Fi Network activity icon options
  • Network traffic monitor
  • Brightness control
  • Notification count
  • Notification ticker
  • Custom carrier label options

CM custom Navigation Bar tweaked (size/color and other)

  • Custom Navigation ring


  • Toast animations
  • Listview animations
  • System animations
  • Gesture anywhere
  • App circle side bar


  • Clear all button tweaks
  • Hideable Google search bar

Slim PIE

  • Notification drawer
  • Tile options (Fully customisable)
  • SlimActions tile
  • Quick setting options
  • Quick & smart pulldown
  • Colorised tiles

Power Menu

  • Advanced reboot
  • Screenshot
  • Screen record
  • Profile switcher
  • Airplane mode
  • User switcher
  • Settings
  • Device lockdown
  • Sound panel


  • Fully CM customisation for hard buttons (tweaked)

Omni Wake lock blocker

  • SuperSU

The latest build of the CarbonROM,featuring Android Lollipop version 5.1.1, has been released by recognised XDA developer, Myself5.

Advanced users who wish to try out the customisations the CarbonROM offers on the Xperia Z3, may check the following installation guide.

Key points

  • Before following the installation guide, create a backup of all important data of the phone using custom recovery.
  • Enable USB Debugging on the phone to connect it with the computer and use Android SDK with it. [Navigate to Settings>> About phone. Tap on Build Number several times until a message appears saying 'You are now a Developer.' Now enable USB Debugging Mode by navigating to Settings>> Developer Options.]
  • The Z3 should have above 80% battery charge to avoid power off during the process, which could damage the device.
  • The phone should be rooted with the latest recovery system installed on it. Also, it should have an unlocked bootloader.
  • As the CarbbonROM is in its development stage hence all features might not function properly.
  • The ROM works with Xperia Z3 only. Verify the model number of your device, as flashing this on any incorrect variant might brick the device.
  • After flashing the ROM, if the device gets stuck on booting animation or experiences boot loop, then perform wipe cache partition and wipe dalvik cache a few times before rebooting the device.
  • Once the ROM is installed, users are advised to give 10 minutes to the ROM after the device boots up for the first time for better user experience.
  • IBTimes UK will not be held liable for any damage to the device.

Note: Ensure that ADB and Fastboot is configure on your PC.

How to update Xperia Z3 with CarbonROM featuring Android 5.1.1

Step-1: Download the CarbonROM for Xperia Z3 on your PC. Exrtract the boot.img file separately

Step-2: Download Gapps

Step-3: Connect and mount Xperia Z3 USB memory on the computer using USB cable

Step-4: Transfer the downloaded files to phone's storage. Ensure that files are in the SD card root not in any folder

Step-5: Copy the boot.img file to android-sdk-windows/platform-tools directory

Step-6: Switch off the phone

Step-7: Boot the phone into bootloader mode. For this press and hold Volume Up button while connecting it with USB cable. At this time you should see the phone's LED light turning blue and the phone will enter into bootloader mode

Step-8: Go to android-sdk-windows/platform-tools directory on the PC and open a command prompt (Shift + Right click>> Open Command Prompt)

Step-9: Execute the following command and press Enter

  • fastboot flash boot boot.img

Then enter the following command

  • fastboot reboot

Step-10: Enter recovery mode. Switch on the phone while pressing Volume Up or, Volume Down button for a few times until you see LED light turning pink or, any other colour

Step-11: Perform data wiping task. From recovery select wipe data/factory reset

Step-12: Perform a cache wipe by selecting wipe cache partition

Step-13: Navigate to advanced option and select wipe dalvik cache

Step-14: Return to the recovery menu and select install zip from sdcard>> choose zip from sdcard then head over to the location where you have saved the CarbonROM, select it and confirm installation on the next screen

Step-15: Repeat the similar procedure to install Gapps

Step-16: When the installation is completed, reboot the phone

To know more about the CarbonROM, hit the development thread over XDA forum.

Via: Team Android