The HTC One X has been the topp smartphone of 2012 so far, but is it all it's cracked up to be? We look at the pros and cons.


HTC One X Cons:

One major disadvantage of HTC One X comes in the form of 8-megapixel camera which protrudes out at the back when placed flat on a surface. The lack microSD card support and the non-removable battery in the HTC One X may also prove annoying for some HTC phone consumers who are used of having those features, however it may appeal to iPhone users who are used to life without them.

The 4.7in 720 x 1,280 pixels display of HTC's flagship phone may be turn on for some, but others may feel it to be too big. The lack of a dedicated camera key which is something that is a major ommision in this high-end smartphone.

HTC One X Review

If you don't have LTE support in your country then, this phone can be considered the best Android phone available in the market today. However the inclusion of LTE support may take the toll on the battery performance of the magnificent phone. Many different users in different parts of the world has complained about the battery life of the phone.

With brightness set to 50 percent, Wi-Fi on but not connected, the One X's 1,800mAh can manage six hours of continuous video playback. If the consumers are planning on using the phone only for checking email and social networks, making a few calls, sending some messages, taking a few pictures and downloading a few apps, then HTC One X can provide close to 12 hours of battery back up.

HTC One X Pros:
The look and feel of the phone as well as the quality of materials used, means the HTC One X gives you the feel of a premium phone. Featuring such a huge display, HTC has done well to make the One X so thin at 8.9mm, which is less than iPhone 4S' chunky 9.3mm thickness. However the Motorola Razr's 7.1mm beats all the major smartphones in terms of slimness.

Exceptional qualities of the HTC smartphone include the 720p HD display, light 130g weight, three touch sensitive keys on the front, volume rocker switch on the right-hand side, a power button on the top with a 3.5mm headphone jack and a MHL-capable microUSB port on the left-hand side.

The phone has 32GB of memory, with 26GB of this accessible to the user. The space is further fueled by a new Dropbox deal offering an extra 25GB to anyone that registers a device from the One series - but only for two years. Moreove NFC support is also available and the payment service using the phone depends if the mobile operator is supporting payment services via NFC.

The HTC One X will let you share a URL or vCard with other NFC device. Bill payment, transit tickets are also possible with the NFC chip but only if the services are available in particular countries.

The phone captures 1080p video at a silky smooth 30fps with continuous autofocus and stereo audio. Backed by the quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 chip, running at 1.5GHz, the ONe X has provided the ultimate platform for effortless use, even while switching between different tasks and loading of heavier webpages. The addition of Beats Audio and active noise cancellation with dedicated mic give the phone an extra edge.

With all these features bundled on HTC's flagship phone, it is now to be seen if Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 5 can match or better this powerful smartphone in 2012.

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