Excitement for virtual reality has reached fever pitch, with all manner of headsets popping up online, in retail stores and most importantly on people's heads.

Not all virtual reality devices are born equal though and even if you've tried a VR headset before, taking your first literal steps into the stunning virtual landscapes created by the HTC Vive is an experience that is capable of amazing the most jaded tech-fans.

Despite growing competition from the Oculus Rift, the mobile VR market headed-up by Samung's Gear VR, and even Sony's PlayStation VR for PS4 consoles which is due later this year, there is nothing quite like the motion-tracked wonder of the Vive in the current market of consumer technology.

Thankfully, IBTimes UK happened to find a willing bunch of VR lab rats in our office and watching the Vive-virgins flail and flounder was so entertaining we thought we'd film it for your pleasure.

At £689 the HTC Vive certainly isn't the cheapest VR experience available, but is it worth the money? While we'll do our best to answer that question in our full review due next week, in the meantime IBTimes UK has listed the top five things we learnt during our time with the PC-powered device, so you have a better idea of what exactly your premium purchase has to offer.