The Huawei-made next-gen Nexus smartphone, could offer 128GB of internal storage straight out of the box Reuters

Ever since Google announced that it would hold an event on 29 September, rumour mills are in overdrive suggesting that the next-gen Huawei-made 2015 Nexus device could be launched in San Francisco. Two variants of the smartphone -- one each manufactured by LG and Huawei -- are expected to be launched by the tech giant at the event.

However, reports now suggest that the Huawei-manufactured edition could be the first Nexus smartphone to provide users with 128GB of internal storage. Android Police has reported that the Huawei-made device tentatively named Nexus 6P, will be offered to buyers in three variants based on internal storage. These editions would be offered in three variants based on their internal storage -- 128GB, 64GB and 32GB -- unlike the current Nexus 6 that comes in 32GB and 64GB variants.

The 128GB Nexus 6P would definitely cost more, while its variants could be priced lower by $50-$100 (£32-£64), reports state. However, the cost of a next-gen Nexus smartphone is yet to be made official.

In contrast, the LG-made Nexus 5X (2015) would be offered only in the 16GB and 32GB variants. But there is a possibility that an external MicroSD card slot would be provided in this handset.

Further, both the Nexus smartphones are expected to run Google's newest Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) out of the box. Multiple earlier reports have indicated that the Huawei-manufactured Nexus device would feature a comparatively-large display measuring 5.5in or 5.7in.