Charlize Theron has opened up about doing hard drugs in her 20s. The Mad Max: Fury Road star said she was experimenting with different drugs at that age.

The Monster actress said she had a "f*****g great time" with cocaine and ecstasy in her 20s.

"I definitely experimented, yeah," she said when asked by Howard Stern on his radio show whether she had done hard drugs like cocaine in her 20s, according to The Sun.

"I always worried in my 20s I would feel like if I had kids I would be missing out on this life and then I hit my 30s and thought I am so f****** done with it."

Theron's lifestyle has changed for the better with age and with her two adopted children in her life.

"Now I am asleep by 8.45pm and I f****** love it and I love it, love it. I wake up at 6.30am. I have to make two lunchboxes," the 41-year-old said.

She also said that she now cannot smoke weed. "I cannot smoke weed anymore, I become so uninteresting," she said. "I don't want to talk. I switch off and have nothing to say."

"In my 20s I was a wake-and-baker and then I couldn't do it anymore. I was like functioning and then one day I just sat on the couch and didn't move."