Swoosh Right
Ellie Wray/elliewray.co.uk

Ellie Wray is an award-winning Digital PR Consultant and Creative with 10 years experience working for global brands and household names.

As part of her PR party trick series, Wray has pitched a Nike and Tinder collaboration.

Inspired by Valentine's Day, the multi-channel campaign sets out to help shoe-lovers "find their solemates".

Instead of using Tinder's famous swipe right function, the Digital PR Consultant proposed that users should draw the Nike swoosh to match them with any potential romantic partner who has the same taste in trainers.

The collaborative pitch was dubbed 'swoosh right' and was paired with the slogan: "Pairing sneakerheads with their solemates using just one 'swoosh right'".

In a conversation with International Business Times UK, Ellie Wray said that she was inspired to create 'Swoosh Right' in a bid to captivate the shared audience of Tinder and Nike, a "youthful and tech-savvy demographic".

Swoosh Right

Where did the initial idea for 'Swoosh Right' come from?

Ellie Wray: "I've always dreamt of creating a campaign that merges the worlds of Nike and Tinder, two giants catering to the highly active online demographic of Gen Z and Millennials."

"As a self-proclaimed sneakerhead, I understand the passionate communities that form around specific trainers, often intertwined with broader cultural trends. This cultural connection fuels my belief that Tinder could leverage its algorithm to connect individuals based on their shared love for specific sneaker styles, replicating this approach for other niche interests."

Why do you enjoy pitching entertaining ideas to dream clients?

Ellie Wray: "It allows me to exercise my creativity, brainstorm ideas free from budgetary constraints, and craft captivating narratives that resonate with audiences. Witnessing reactions from industry professionals and sparking inspiration within my network fuels my passion, making the process of crafting these thought-starter campaigns really fun to work on."

Would you genuinely consider pitching your collaboration to Nike or Tinder?

Ellie Wray: "Inspired by the potential of this collaboration, I've developed additional ideas for both Nike and Tinder, and I'm currently in the process of preparing formal pitches to their teams."

"The key to a successful brand collaboration lies in showcasing the unique selling points of each partner. In this scenario, both Nike and Tinder would generate equal online buzz, ensuring neither brand overshadows the other. Aside from capturing audience attention and potentially increasing revenue, a well-crafted campaign would attract top-tier media coverage, strengthening both brands' SEO presence through backlinks."

"Interestingly, since sharing the "Swoosh Right" campaign concept publicly, I've received a few profile views on LinkedIn from individuals working at Nike."

Swoosh Right

Is there a gap in the market for new online dating apps?

Ellie Wray: "As online interaction becomes increasingly present in our daily lives, the need for genuine connection and the desire to feel "seen" in romantic spaces will continue to grow, too. This could lead to a shift towards niche-focused dating platforms and personalised experiences that cater to individuals seeking connections based on shared interests or passions. This trend served as the core inspiration for the Nike and Tinder collaboration concept."

Do you think online dating has got boring?

Ellie Wray: "The current swipe-centric online dating experience, in my opinion, has become monotonous. Many users fall into a repetitive pattern of matching, going on unfulfilling dates, and ultimately ending up back at square one. While I applaud Tinder's efforts to refine its algorithm based on relationship science, I remain curious to see if these changes translate into a demonstrable increase in successful matches."

How much impact do you think style has on people's dating lives?

Ellie Wray: "In the realm of online dating, initial attraction often hinges on physical appearance, encompassing overall presentation and clothing choices. Style choices can serve as a subtle indicator of personality, with individuals often gravitating towards those they find visually appealing - this is where personal style plays a crucial role in shaping first impressions within the online dating space."