Take a moment to marvel at the ingenuity of this Ikea bookshelf, which has been spliced with some 1980s arcade nostalgia and turned into one big game of Tetris – and it's 100% playable.

The unique (and thoroughly awesome) take on DIY was pulled off by Øyvind Berntsen. As it turns out, Ikea's 14x9 square grid bookshelf is perfect for the 1984 shape-shifting classic. After installing different-coloured LEDs into each shelf, Berntsen programmed them into a Raspberry Pi computer and then hooked it up to the bookcase, transforming it into a wall-sized game of Tetris.

It's not the first time Berntsen has given his furniture a digital makeover, and as it turns out, he's quite the post-modern Romeo. In 2015, Berntsen proposed to his girlfriend by programming classic mobile game Snake into the bookcase, which ended with the snake transforming into a giant engagement ring (she said 'yes', of course).

Theoretically, the bookcase could be programmed to play any sort of simple, brick-based platformer. We would love to see it running Pong, or 1970s ball-and-paddle classic Breakout. There's been no word yet on whether Berntsen plans to hack his home with more retro goodies, although we hope an instructional video is in the works.