I'm A Celebrity
Edwina Currie has been unashamedly lusting over Jake Quickenden in the jungle. Facebook / I'm A Celebrity

After almost three weeks in the jungle the I'm A Celebrity contestants are getting a bit hot under the collar, as their thoughts turn from food, to more carnal concerns.

And it seems that the campmate with her mind most firmly set on all things sexual is Edwina Currie.

The former MP has taken a shine to fellow campmate Jake Quickenden and the two have been caught flirting unashamedly after forging an unlikely friendship.

Currie made no effort to conceal her delight at the sight of The X Factor star exercising. "There you go. Wonderful sight isn't it?" she said, blatantly ogling the aspiring singer, who, referring to her as "Flirty Gertie" replied jokingly:" Stop perving."

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph she made no apology for her lascivious behaviour saying: "When you get older one of the frustrations is you see young bodies and young bodies are just awesome. Just to sit and watch Jake doing his exercises and doing a bit of stretching and so on. Mmm. That's an old lady's dream."

The pair entered the jungle together and were seen engaging in flirtatious banter at the off. Currie, who famously had an affair with former Prime Minister John Major, lavished Quickenden with praise. "Your face is very chiselled. You're looking more like a film star now," she gushed.

Her obvious affection for him has not gone unnoticed by her fellow campmates. "I think Edwina is besotted with Jake and his physique and his face," observed Melanie Sykes.

I'm A Celebrity
Currie oggled Quickenden as he did his daily exercises. Facebook / I'm A Celebrity

"I mean she'll say to him 'oh darling you look like a movie star' today and it just really cracks me up. She absolutely has the hots for him."

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, Vicki Michelle commented on the sexual tension in camp saying: "The mood in camp today, everyone's a little bit sexually frustrated, some more than others. Edwina does talk about it quite a lot but in a fun way and she's a sexy mama. "Jake's very honest about things and I think he's missing sex in a big way," she added.

After performing an impromptu striptease for Playboy star Kendra Wilkinson Quickenden admitted he was missing having sex, later adding: "I'm horny. I'm horny every day to be honest."

Meanwhile the romance between the pair has left viewers with very mixed feelings.

Writing on Twitter viewer Adam Bolton said: "Sorry but @Edwina_Currie is an absolute disgrace. Imagine if that was an old man ogling a younger woman & making lewd comments. #ImACeleb"

Another viewer reiterated the sentiment tweeting: "Edwina Currie is reptilian and repulsive while trying to be coquettish and flirtatious. Yuk. Make her stop #ImACelebrity @itvceleb

Others are seemingly finding her musings entertaining. "Edwina must be so bored, but her commentary is so funny omg" said Lima Hulmes on Twitter.

Commenting on his blossoming relationship with the politician, Quickenden said: "We're totally different but at the same time I think we've fallen in love a little bit."

I'm A Celebrity
Quickenden admitted to missing sex while in the jungle. Facebook / I'm A Celebrity

Vicki Michelle became the latest celebrity to be voted off the show by the public.

The fourth person to exit the show, she said on leaving that she would "miss the eye-candy."

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here continues tomorrow night (December 5) at 9pm on ITV.