In an unprecedented move, India's Government Railway Police (GRP) of Agra sentenced nearly 109 people for 24 hours over urinating in public.

Amongst those arrested were some 27 people caught in the act near train platforms and tracks parking lot.

Some of the arrested were later released after paying a fine ranging from Rs100 (£1) to Rs500 (£5).

The move came after officials complained of the growing stench of urine and stains on the railway property.

A drive was conducted on the orders of a local police official Gopeshnath Khanna over a 48-hour time period.

"In a special drive conducted at several stations of Agra division...109 men were sent to jail for 24 hours and were penalized up to Rs 500 for urinating in public places on railway properties in front of women and children," said Khanna, reported The Times of India.

"They were also fined for creating public nuisance by consuming alcohol or spitting pan masala from the window of trains in public place.

"The drive is a part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's initiative of 'Swachh Bharat' campaign. The offenders were charged under Section 34 of the Police Act (Punishment for certain offences such as inconvenience, annoyance to passengers or residents in public places, roads, etc)."

According to a senior police official, the move comes after years of putting up with the inappropriate social behaviour.

"The message behind such a drive is to convey people, that enough is enough. For more than six decades, our adamant social behavior has not changed. This city hosts millions of tourist every year, we just can't be negligent and irresponsible when comes to showing etiquettes in public fora."

In other news from Agra, it was confirmed that the 366-year-old monument of love and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Taj Mahal, is not turning yellow.

"Local authorities are taking the necessary steps to reduce pollution around the Taj Mahal," said Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma.