(Representational image) An Indian farmer has been living naked for 40 years Danish Ismail/Reuters

A farmer in India has been naked since he was five years old because he's allergic to clothes. Subal Barman, 43, from Rajpur village in West Bengal, was diagnosed with a rare allergy that caused a prickly sensation on his extra-sensitive skin when in contact with clothes of any kind.

Since he could not afford the medical treatment he has simply remained without clothes. According to The Mirror, the condition is so uncomfortable that he can't even sleep under bed sheets. People who don't know him might be shocked to see a fully-grown man wandering around wearing nothing to protect his modesty but the villagers have got used to him.

The farmer says, "Since childhood I could not wear clothes on my skin. It gives me a burning sensation and it's unbearable," He adds: "My neighbours have fortunately got used to me, they think it's normal and never complain. They know I've had this issue for years so they leave me be and do not tease me."

Strangely, Barman's nudity has not affected his social life. He attends parties, weddings and festivals completely naked. He finds hot weather more problematic than cold and therefore takes regular baths.

In an interview to the Daily Mail, Barman said, "I have to take baths several times a day in the summer because my skin is too sensitive to the heat. I can't cope with the prickly sensations, water is the only thing that helps."

But Barman might remain a lifelong bachelor. He explained, "No family will allow their daughter to marry me. I know I'm an embarrassment, but I have no choice. This is the life I have to live.

"I know I'll be alone forever this is my destiny. But being sad or depressed about it cannot reduce my problem."

He believes the condition may be God's blessing. "I have accepted that God has given me this special thing. Maybe in his eyes I am special!"