The identity card of Tuhan. Twitter

Yes, he is a carpenter and he is also called Tuhan, which means God in Indonesia. But Tuhan does not understand what the fuss is all about.

The man, only known as Tuhan has said that he did not know why his parents had given him an unusual name and is wondering why it has become an issue only now, 42 years after his birth.

An Islamic authority in Indonesia's East Java Province is demanding that the father of two change his name from Tuhan or add a prefix Abdu to his name, which means means servant of God.

According to the Tempo Nasional website, the Chairman of the East Java Council of Muslim Scholars Abdusshomad Bukhari has asked the authorities to withdraw his identify card that bears the name Tuhan, effectively barring him access to public services until his name is amended.

"We suggest the name change to avoid any interpretation that could lead to idolatory. Besides, the name Tuhan is unseemly from a religious point of view, " the religious leader said.

Tuhan, who hails from the Banyuwangi district, is the youngest child in a family of seven children.

He shot to social media stardom when his identity card was posted on Facebook with an accompanying comment: "God does exist and he is in Banyuwangi."