Indonesia is planning to build prison facilities in remotest islands just for drug offenders and terrorists so as to keep them isolated from rest of the inmates. More such prisons will be built on the outermost islands as the inmates establish fresh connections inside the existing facilities if they put together, said the government.

Fresh plans surface just as when the country is facing a serious crisis due to the overcrowding in prisons and the government says those facilities are often breeding grounds for extremists. Drug cartels are also actively operating inside the jails and this has been a huge cause of concern for the authorities.

"We're planning for the separation of inmates, instead of keeping complaining about prison overcrowding. The impact is extraordinary, for instance, on jailbreaks," said chief security minister Wiranto.

Only recently, a recent jailbreak from a facility in Riau saw as many as 450 prisoners escaping from it. Though the jail was designed to accommodate only 400 inmates, there were about 1,800 prisoners when the incident occurred in May making it one of the worst of its kind in recent years in Indonesia.

"We're pushing efforts to prepare [inmates] to reintegrate into society [upon their release], but instead they are sharing evil things. This is akin to the government facilitating them in spreading bad things," added Wiranto, according to the Indonesian daily Jakarta Globe.

The government has also recruited nearly 14,000 prison guards in order to boost the security measures across Indonesian jails. There are about 477 prisons with a maximum capacity to house 120,000 inmates in these facilities. However, the total population of inmates is currently more than 150,000, as per the government figures released in June 2017.