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IneffectivePower and Unicode Suppressor: Quick-fixes for new Messages bug hit jailbroken devices iDownloadblog

Several jailbroken devices are reportedly afflicted with a new iOS bug that forces the device to respring or reboot into safe mode, following a low memory crash. This is due to iOS's inability to process certain strings of Arabic characters in the message.

The issue reportedly kicks in whenever someone sends a message with Arabic characters to an iOS device. Consequently, the affected device throws up a banner notification indicating some low memory crash error on the device.

Although Apple is yet to offer any security fix or firmware patch for this issue on stock devices, the iOS jailbroken devices have been privileged to receive the Unicode Suppressor and Ineffective Power jailbreak fixes for resolving this issue.

Let's take a look at each of these jailbreak fixes and how they help in resolving the iMessage crash error in iOS:

Unicode Suppressor

This is a partial fix from veteran software developer MohammadAG, which only works within the messages app and checks for just three characters within the offending message. Then it blocks them out, before the crash occurs.

The Unicode Suppressor can be manually downloaded via Cydia's BigBoss repo once it becomes available. However, those who cannot wait for its official release can download the same from here and then install it manually via iFile.

Interested users who would like to further contribute to the development of this tool can check out the original source code on GitHub.


Alternatively, if you want a complete fix then you should try out Karen Tsai's IneffectivePower, which is a system-wide fix that directly works on the root or source of this issue, the CoreText.

Effective Power SMS bug in iOS

Karen Tsai is a renowned programmer with a niche in maintenance of essential development tools and she has openly invited all affected users to contact her directly via e-mail at

You can find all her latest work at the repo: You may add this repo to your Sources list in Cydia to capture any such future Cydia updates for your iOS device.

Check out the jailbreak community's response about this tool on the Reddit thread and also the complete changelog posted here.

[Source: iDownloadBlog]