Years after US and UK residents have been making the most of online shopping, Amazon has finally launched in Australia.

But it was a rather peculiar launch, and one that is still not fully complete. Amazon teased a soft launch on 23 November (the day before Black Friday), but then everything went quiet.

Now, the online shopping juggernaut has made products other than books available. The catch? No Amazon Prime until "mid 2018".

Taking to social media, Australians do not seem overly thrilled with what is on offer.

Amazon's digital assistant is still missing in Australia. The company revealed in November Alexa would not be arriving in Australia and New Zealand until 2018.

Users were quick to point out that deals were not comparable to the United States store.

Not only were some deals not up to par with the US, many were more expensive than the regular stores.

The first Amazon warehouse has been built in Melbourne, which does beg the question how Prime delivery would even work efficiently when sending packages to Perth - 2100 miles away.