Apple has finally released the much-awaited iOS 16 as a downloadable beta for everyone. The recently released iOS 16 brings amazing features to your iPhone. Apple gave us a glimpse into some of these features during the WWDC 2022 iOS 16 previews. To recap, the company teased a revamped lock screen that comes with amazing widgets.

Apple also showed off notable improvements in Messages, a photo library that you can share with your family members, and more. Notably, these updates will be rolled out to current iPhones soon.

For those unaware, iOS 16 is the iPhone OS that the upcoming iPhone 14 models will reportedly run. The iOS 16 final version could debut alongside the new iPhones at the impending September 7 launch event.

In the meantime, let's take a look at the notable changes available in iOS 16. These changes have been teased in the iOS 16 preview and the betas Apple has previously released.

iOS 16: The Most Notable iPhone 14 Features

iOS 16 could finally bring third-party browser support to Apple pay. This feature was originally spotted in the iOS 16 beta. Moreover, iOS 16 enables iPhone users to customise Memoji. The iOS 16 lock screen has also undergone a radical overhaul. Users can now change wallpapers, colour, font, and clock font. Aside from this, you can reposition photos and add widgets.

Focus modes such as work and play now let you create new lock screens. Each mode has its widgets and customisation options. You can now edit/delete Messages. Further, SharePlay will be compatible with Messages. Apple Pay will support contactless payments. So, you can pay merchants using just your iPhones.

Alternatively, you can use Apple Pay Later to divide your purchase into four instalments with no fees or interest. These payments can be made over six weeks. iCloud Shared Photo library now enables you to share pictures in a different iCloud library. The upgrade to Family sharing helps parents to set up the devices of their kids without breaking a sweat. Aside from this, there's a myriad of other hidden iOS 16 features you might want to check out after installing the latest software on your iPhone.

iOS 16 Release Date

Both the iOS 16 public beta and iOS 16 developer beta are currently up for grabs. Apple is likely to roll out more updates throughout the summer. The Cupertino-based tech firm released the iOS 16 developer beta 3 on July 6. Beta 3 added a myriad of new features that weren't available in previous betas.

iOS 16 beta 4 and beta 5 updates have also arrived with additional tweaks and features. The iOS 16 beta 6 was released about 7 days after beta 5. Ahead of releasing the final iOS 16, Apple is sparing no effort to get rid of bugs.

The aforesaid iOS 16 version could launch alongside the iPhone 14 series models in the fall. The new iPhones are slated to go on sale starting on September 16. So, the final iOS 16 release could roll out before that date.

Devices That Are Likely To Run iOS 16

The last couple of software updates worked with the iPhone 6s and a myriad of other newer devices. However, iOS 15 is likely to stop working on some older phones since the software features require new-fangled hardware.

Apple has confirmed that the iOS 16 will be compatible with iPhone 8 and newer models. Past leaks claim that the iOS 16 update will not be available for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Regrettably, the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7 do not have the processing power to run iOS 16.

iOS 16 Lock Screen

Apple spotlighted the iOS 16 lock screen during its recently concluded WWDC preview. It's a significantly upgraded lock screen with big changes. For instance, users can now edit the font and colour of the clock. Moreover, you can change picture positions and try out various filters. Also, you can create numerous lock screens. The iOS 16 update will show notifications at the bottom of the screen rather than in the centre of the wallpaper.

You can hide notifications and keep the screen clear throughout the day. The iOS 16 update brings Live Activities for keeping real-time notifications on top of other things. The live screen featuring widgets could be a confirmation of the always-on display on new Apple iPhone models. To recall, the iOS 16 developer beta codes suggest the iPhone 14 Pro model will sport an always-on display.

iOS 16 Messages

Apple is said to roll out major upgrades to Messages. First off, users will be able to edit and undo their messages. Likewise, users can change the status of threads to unread. SharePlay will be available in Messages as well. The iOS 16 developer beta version 2 is said to support a Report Junk feature that will enable people to report SMS/MMS spam to network carriers. The Dictation feature has also received a big update, including the ability to automatically end emojis and punctuation.

iOS 16 Focus & Wallet

The iOS 16 update will bring an upgraded version of Focus. For instance, the feature will now be available on iPhone's lock screen. Users can create custom screens for specific focus modes. The Focus customizations feature will be available for selected apps as well. For instance, Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari would show work-related notifications when you select Work Focus mode. Lastly, you can swipe to toggle between Focus modes.

The iOS 16 update brings the Apple Pay Later feature to the Apple Wallet app. The feature will allow users to split payments into four instalments over six weeks without the interest of fees. Furthermore, Apple Pay supports an Order Tracking feature. Lastly, the update brings new features Keys and IDs to Wallet. The ID in Wallet will come in handy for verifying the user's identity and age.

iOS 16 Maps

Apple's navigation app now covers 11 new countries. The 3D city map network will now include six new cities. Aside from this, you can specify up to 15 stops in your Apple Maps route. Those using public transit can now use Apple Maps to check fares for their trips. Moreover, the Apple Wallet app allows you to add your transit cards to check your credit before starting a journey.

iOS 16 Live Text, Visual Look Up

The iOS 16 will bring some useful updates to Live Text and Visual Lookup. Users will be able to copy text from videos. You can pull texts from any video by pausing on any frame and highlighting the text. Likewise, Live Text also supports the Translate feature. Visual Look Up now allows you to tap any item in a photo to copy it. Also, you can effortlessly remove an image from its background and paste it into another app.

iOS 16 Family Sharing and Photos

Family Sharing has received a significant update for iOS 16. Setting up a child's device is now faster and easier with the introduction of the Quick Start option. Moreover, parents will be able to approve or deny screen time requests directly from Messages. Apple has also launched the new iCloud Shared Photo Library. This library is different from your iCloud items. The feature enables you to share and categorise photos by person or date.

Photos will recommend pictures that you might want to share on the For You tab. The most important change to Photos is the iCloud Shared Photo Library. Notably, the iOS 16 Photos update brings various useful tools and photo editing features to the app.

iOS 16 News and Sports

Apple has added a new Sports Section on Apple News. The My Sports section will showcase highlights, scores, and schedules. This feature will be free for users based in Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US. Apple News Plus subscribers will get premium coverage for popular sports teams as well.

iOS 16 Safety Check

The latest iOS 16 update comes with Safety Check to improve users' personal safety. Domestic abuse victims can now revoke access to location sharing, app permissions, and more. You can use Safety Check to reset privacy permissions and protect your messages.

iOS 16 Health

iPhone is set to receive a dedicated version of the Apple Watch's Fitness app. The app can come in handy for tracking movement and a slew of other activities. The Fitness app will be compatible with your iPhone, regardless of whether you have an Apple Watch. Health will be getting another interesting feature that will allow users to manage and log their medications. The iOS 16 Medications feature allows you to set reminders to take your pills.

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