Every time Apple releases a new firmware update for its iOS software, jailbreakers are in a quagmire - do they update to the new Apple software or preserve their existing jailbreaks. As usual, the release of the iOS 5.1 update has landed both jailbreak users and hackers in a spot of bother. Users restlessly wait another untethered solution for their devices, while hackers like Pod2g and Chpwn are busy unearthing an untethered solution for iOS 5.1 jailbreak. Meanwhile, the danger of an iOS 6 launch lurks just around the corner.

Recent updates indicate a positive outcome, as Pod2g reveals he and his Dream Team are now in possession of all necessary exploits to unleash the public release of the new jailbreak. The veteran hacker also said he had successfully bypassed iOS 5.1's Address Space Layout Randomisation (ASLR), giving the impression to the community of jailbreakers that the most-anticipated untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1 is coming soon.

Despite the rapid progress, Pod2g and his team of elite hackers are facing a new dilemma regarding the upcoming release of iOS 6, which is expected at the Worldwide Developer Conference alongside the launch of the next iPhone sometime later this year, according to RedmondPie. Now, there is a big chance of Apple repeating history with releasing new software upgrade alongside the launch of every flagship product and this is where the crux of the problem lies, as the new iOS upgrade would render all previous jailbreaks dysfunctional with Apple patching up all exploits available on its earlier software releases.

Pod2g iOS 5.1 Jailbreak Poll Update
Pod2g iOS 5.1 Jailbreak Poll Update Photo: Pod2g\'s iOS blog

This has provoked Pod2g to update his official blog with a public poll asking: "Shall we hold off the jailbreak for iOS 6?"

A majority of people would agree that producing and releasing the jailbreak for the public would be the best bet. Pod2g, however, believes that if the new jailbreak releases before iOS 6, Apple would most certainly patch up the available exploits in the new version of the OS. In such an event, the hitch is that the iOS hackers will have to restart from the scratch, abandoning all their hard work with iOS 5.1 jailbreak progress.

There has been a mixed bag of responses from the mass community of jailbreakers to Pod2g's thought-provoking question. At the time of reporting, 102, 478 voters responded, with 60,357 (58 percent) of them wanting the jailbreak to be released immediately (after burning the five exploits of course) and 39,688 (38 percent) of them opting for the hackers to conceal the exploits and the jailbreak until iOS 6 is released. Only 2,447 (2 percent) of the voters seem like they don't care about anything at all.

The poll is still up and will be for the next 5 days. As iDownloadblog notes, the poll results could have a major influence on the decision of when to release the next jailbreak. The blog further asserts that since the decision affects a whole community of people, it's only right to gather everyone's input.

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