Several Reddit users have reportedly complained about disappearance of apps from Home screen soon after installing the latest Pangu jailbreak on their iOS device.

It is uncertain if the issue is related to a bug with the jailbreak or triggered by a problematic/incompatible jailbreak tweak, reports iPhone Hacks

According to a recent thread on Reddit forum, some discerning Reddit users have isolated the root cause of this issue to improper loading of a certain system file: "".

Though it is not clear why a plist file could cause this issue, some Reddit users have ascertained that removing the problematic jailbreak tweaks such as AppSync and AppCake could resolve this issue.

As it is impossible to pinpoint a particular jailbreak tweak that may be triggering this issue, Reddit users have suggested a couple of easy fixes.

Uicache Fix to Restore Icons on Home Screen

One such discerning Reddit user, Kozerq, has provided a simple fix through MobileTerminal or OpenSSH.

According to Kozerq, you can resolve this issue by installing MobileTerminal or using OpenSSH to run the command "uicache". This command will help in reloading the file to restore the app icons on Home screen.

Manual Fix to Restore App Icons

Another Reddit user ReddestDream recommends a manual fix if the uicache fix fails to work.

Here is what you should do if uicache fix does not work:

Remove or delete the files: /var/mobile/Library/Caches/



Note: Though these steps help in restoring the app icons on the Home screen, it may mess up your icon layout, which needs to be adjusted later through the Home screen settings.

IBTimes UK advises readers to proceed with caution as deleting a wrong system file could render your device useless and force you to restore it.

Please let us know if these steps helped in resolving your issue or if you found an alternative fix for the same, in the comments section below.