Recently, Redditors shared a list of more than 100 jailbreak tweaks that users could take advantage of on their jailbroken iOS 8.1.3-iOS 8.3 device using TaiG untether tool.

Now, Cydia is also open for iOS 8.3 compatible tweaks, allowing you to purchase updated tweaks. Saurik has announced that Cydia developers can now mark their paid apps as iOS 8.3 compatible.

But if you are looking for free tweaks, here is a list that should help you choose your favourite ones (Courtesy of iPhonehacks):

Disable WhatsApp Call Vibration: Users will be aware that the inner vibration of WhatsApp overrides iOS' Do Not Disturb. The vibration triggers every one or two seconds, along with another vibration trigger, in case the caller hangs up without answering.

The Disable WhatsApp Call Vibration tweak disables all custom vibration, while keeping only the ones from iOS.

House Arrest Fix: Allows you to access all app containers via USB on iOS 8.3 like iFunBox, iTools and other iOS USB file managers before iOS 8.3.

IconSash: Adds a tag update/new apps like iOS 6 style.

InterAccess: Displays whether or not internet access is available using an icon in the status bar.

Kepo: Default phone app launch to the dial keyboard.

LandscapeProximity: Allows using of proximity sensors in landscape mode.

MultipleReturnToSender: Inspired by ReturnToSender, this tweak allows you to send quick replies by tapping return multiple times.

No Caller ID Blocker: Blocks calls from unknown numbers or those without caller IDs. However, those calls will still show up in the call log.

NoNewMark 8: Removes the blue dot indicating an app has been recently used.

SafariRefresh: Lets you refresh sites by using a Refresh Control.

StatusModifier: Adds free RAM info and seconds to the clock in the status bar.

TapToSnap: It snaps photos like the LG G3 by using single tapping on the screen.

SendDelay: Enables you to cancel messages from being sent for a certain duration after you hit the send button.

RoundDock: Rounds the corners of your dock.

DockColor: Changes the appearance of the home screen dock. You can change the background colour using a colour picker and transparency from the preferences of the tweak in the Settings app.

Spectral: Provides the lockscreen a little more character with blurred album artwork.

TimePasscode: Sets the current passcode to the current device's time.

iCleaner: Removes unnecessary files from your iOS device.

SaveGram: Using this tweak you can select a post and tap the new Save option to save the photo or video to your Instagram album.

Cataracs: A lock screen theme for GroovyLock.

NotNine: Adds background and drawing tools to the Notes app in iOS 8.

Slide2Kill8 Lite: With this, a gesture/tap allows you to kill apps running in the app switcher.

RoundedSwitcherCards: Brings the rounded edge look of iOS 9 to app switcher in iOS 8.

Given below are a few more tweaks available on default Cydia repos (Courtesy of iDownloadblog).

  • SwipeSelection Pro
  • MiniPlayer
  • SafariDownloader+
  • Popular
  • CustomNotificationSound
  • BottomBar
  • Slices
  • Space Text
  • IconRenamer
  • ReturnToSender
  • Hold2Speak
  • DoubleTapToSleep
  • JellyLockUnified Beta
  • Eclair
  • Melodic
  • Skrollerz