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Top 24 Cydia tweaks for iOS 8 carajailbreak

Folks at iDownloadBlog have revealed a bunch of 24 new jailbreak tweaks and apps for the week on devices running iOS 8 through iOS 8.1.3 in their latest post that includes both paid and free apps.

Here is the complete list of top Cydia tweaks and apps for the first week of March 2015:

ArithmeticAlarm8: This tweak allows you to turn off the alarm by doing a simple math, following the first five-minute snooze. Choose the difficulty of the arithmetic problem and also the operation type including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division randomly.

All these options can be configured via Settings and the tweak is available for purchase at just $0.99.

BlankKeys: A handy tweak to practice and increase your typing speed as it turns all the keyboard keys blank. Alternatively, it can be used to lock your phone and prevent others from using the phone. This tweak is available for free and can be downloaded via BigBoss repo.

DathBanners Lite: A simple tweak which brings app-specific colours to the background of notification banners in the most elegant and efficient way. This is another free app which is available for download via BigBoss repo.

Digital Clock Icon: It replaces the Clock app icon with a digital one and can be downloaded for free.

Fortune: It is a 4chan client for iPhone, which is available for purchase at just $2.99.

FullSwitch: This free app shows app cards in full screen in the App Switcher. Some of the other features included in this tweak include multitasking indicators, privacy mode, quick switching and theming.

Futuristic 8 Cydget: It is a futuristic-style Lock screen with amazing colour options for your iPhone and it will be pixel perfect regardless of you using an iPhone 5 or 6+.

You can use separate colours for stroke and fill in the as well as enjoy smooth animations that bring you menus for battery, forecast, weather details, and wind. Get this app for just $1.99 via default Cydia sources.

HardwareKeyboardFix: It is a free app to fix a small annoying bug that forces you to tap on the Spotlight search field after pressing the Spotlight key on your hardware keyboard. The bug is found on iOS 8 through iOS 8.1.2 and this fix is expected to do the trick on all iOS 8 versions up to iOS 8.1.3.

InstallReset: This free tweak resets the Home screen icon layout in alphabetical order, upon app installation.

KillBoard: This simple tweak adds options to Respring, Reboot, shutdown, and safemode from the App Switcher. It can be activated by swiping up on the home screen page inside of the app switcher. It is a free app, which is compatible with all idevices running iOS 8 or later.

MagicBlink: This tweak allows you to control your iPhone at the blink of an eye and it is available for purchase at just $2.99 via BigBoss repo. For instance, if you blink the right eye the cursor on the phone's display will move to the right and vice-versa.

Melodic: It brings some awesome new features such as the ability to share songs from your library via AirDrop and also edit their metadata such as song title, genre and even album artwork. The app is available for download for just $0.99.

MoonSilent: It enables users to hide banners, Lock screen notifications, and incoming calls with an Activator gesture. Download this tweak for just $1.00 via BigBoss repo.

MorningApp: It allows you to activate an app at first unlock of the device in the morning and the app is available for free.

NoSwitchBar: It hides the Status Bar for all apps in the App Switcher and thereby provides a cleaner look. Get this app for free via Cydia's BIgBoss repo.

Orangered for iOS 8: It enables Reddit push notifications for your iPhone and it is available for purchase at just $0.99. This jailbreak tweak will automatically check your Reddit inbox for unread messages and replies.

PortraitWallpaper: It keeps wallpaper from rotating while in landscape mode and can be downloaded for free.

Rochade: It inverts the appearance of full names and Twitter handles in the stock Twitter app. Get this tweak for free.

SevenSpotlight: It makes iOS 8 Spotlight behave like that of iOS 7 and it can be downloaded for free.

SpringSounds: This tweak allows you to customise the sounds of various aspects of your device and it is available for free download.

Tweetbot+: This brings several addons for the regular Tweetbot app such as sending photos via Direct Messages, native favourites, stream over LTE, Auto Rotation, Developer Settings, Fake Profile Info and the ability to tweet with more than 140 characters. Further, this app is available for free.

UnDim4What: This tweak undims the Lock screen when songs playing are changing over and this is a free app for download.

Widget Magic: It lets you design your own widget without code and comes as a free download.

You Fade Me Up: It fades App Switcher icons when cards are slid up or down and can be downloaded for free.

[Source: iDownloadBlog]