iOS 8-iOS 8.1.2 untethered jailbreak: Top ten cydia apps and tweaks of 2014
iOS 8-iOS 8.1.2 untethered jailbreak: Top ten Cydia apps and tweaks of 2014 IBTimes UK

With just a few hours left for the end of year 2014, we present the top ten Cydia apps and tweaks for iOS 8 that have been carefully selected from the list of best Cydia apps and tweaks of 2014.

All these apps and tweaks are iOS 8 jailbreak compatible and have also been tested to work fine on newer iOS smartphones, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Here are the top-ten iOS 8 jailbreak compatible apps and tweaks of 2014:


Tage is the perfect substitute for Zephyr, the popular jailbreak tweak for closing apps and invoking App Switcher with just gestures.

Tage also supports iPad inspired multitasking gestures such as switching between apps using swipes from the edge of the screen, and switching between apps via the App Switcher with a single gesture (aka quick switcher).

In addition, this tweak facilitates ease of navigation with gestures, while adding support for tons of new customisable features and settings that can be configured to your personal taste.

Download this jailbreak app via BigBoss repo for just $1.99.


LockGlyph app is designed to enhance the user experience of unlocking the iPhone, given its fancy features such as Apple Pay confirmation animation and sound for the Lock screen app.

This stylish tweak is available for free via BigBoss repo and its developer evilgoldfish takes the credit for keeping it compatible with the latest iOS firmware.


The Aria jailbreak tweak is focused at resolving a critical drawback with iOS Music app wherein you are unable to queue up another song into the playlist when a song is already playing.

Aria accomplishes this feat by adding 'Play Next' and 'Play Last' features to the Music app.

Users can also relish a new grid view among other visual enhancements to the app UI, which is available for download at $1.99 via Cydia's BigBoss repo.


Slices is a smart jailbreak tweak that eliminates the need to log out from one account before logging into another on the same app.

In other words, Slices allows you to log into multiple user accounts on the same app, even if the app does not support multiple users.

Grab this app for $1.99 via BigBoss repo.


The Cylinder app is heavily inspired by Aaron Ash's Barrel jailbreak tweak, which brings a staggering addition of 35,184,372,088,832 different Home screen icon animations to the table.

In addition, users can also create custom animations using Lua scripts.

This Cydia tweak is available for free download via BigBoss repo with due credit to its developer, Reed Weichler.


UntetheredHeySiri is the first jailbreak tweak with support for using the Siri service without being tethered to a power connection.

Besides, the tweak helps to integrate with the stock Siri preferences via the Settings app, when you are unable to interface directly with the iPhone's Home screen.

This Cydia tweak is downloadable for free via BigBoss repo, thanks to its developer, Hamza Sood.


The latest iteration of Aeternum brings the best Apple Watch UI concepts to your smartphone in a stable, fully theme-able and battery efficient release.

The jailbreak app has been developed by SpiritOfLogic and can be downloaded for $2.99 via Cydia's BigBoss repo.


Almpoum is the best jailbreak tweak for taking screenshots on your phone as it includes a plethora of versatile features such as the ability to upload screenshots to Imgur, save screenshots to specific albums and quick share a screenshot via AirDrop or any other utility appearing in iOS 8 share sheets.

This popular tweak is developed by Elijah and Andrew, and it is available for free download via BigBoss repo.


Ryan Petrich's LittleBrother jailbreak app enables scaling option for jailbroken iOS devices, wherein the default app layout adjusts itself to the available screen space of the device.

Consequently, it is possible to scale down iPhone 6 apps on smaller screens like the iPhone 5s and vice-versa.

In other words, LittleBrother supports a host of advanced scaling features such as increased screen real estate, two-up landscape mode in supported apps, Home screen landscape mode and Lock screen landscape support.

This jailbreak tweak can be downloaded for $1.99 via Cydia's BigBoss repo.


iTouchSecure allows users to save passwords for their favourite apps directly via iOS keychain, wherein users can auto login to their favourite banking app using the TouchID fingerprint.

In other words, this tweak removes the need to switch between apps to copy passwords from the native password management app, which is especially useful with those apps that do not support built-in 1Password support.

This app is developed by SpiritOfLogic and can be downloaded for $4.99 via BigBoss repo.

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