Last Friday, the TaiG team released a new update, v1.1.0, to their untether jailbreak for iOS8-iOS 8.1.1. The TaiG 8.0-8.1.1 Untether package is also available on Cydia for those who have already jailbroken their iOS 8 devices using TaiG. The update adds some fixes such as the sandbox issues noticed in the previous version of TaiG jailbreak utility.

With the latest version of jailbreak now available, the jailbreak community will be in search of new Cydia tweaks and apps for their iOS devices. iDownloadblog brings a list of new jailbreak tweaks. There are some 31 new tweaks, most of them free, while some are paid. Check out the following list.

Acapella ($2): It is an elegant take on music controls in iOS and the successor to Gesture Music Controls. It cleans up the cluttered music controls, replacing it with a simple to use and gesture based alternative.

AirPlay Enabler (Free): The tweaks let Control Center always show AirPlay button. It has been tested on iOS 8.1.1 with iPhone 6 Plus.

Battery Passcode (Free): It is a new tweak that allows you to set your passcode to the current battery percentage. When the battery is at 65%, you should use 6500. Ensure to type in the original password first to configure and check battery percentage is on.

Brevity 2 ($0.99): Allows you to respond to text messages quickly and easily. Set your desired shortcut and when nothing is typed, it takes the place of the microphone button in iMessage, and the greyed-out send button in Text Messages. With just one touch, your shortcut is sent. In case you want to send a voice message, just hold on the brevity icon.

CarPlay iOS (Free): Lets you to experiment with some CarPlayfeatures, on your iPhone.

Clex2 ($1.99): It is a revolutionary way to interact with Music. It brings your phone a new view that looks works like Control Center.

ColorY0urBoard8 ($1.99): It can make your keyboard colourful. You can select the colour you want from the app and press save button and then turn it on.

Contacts Photo Sync ($1): Import contact photos from WhatsApp.

Curtains ($0.99): It allows you to use WhatsApp privately. You can hide read receipts, hide online status and hide typing indicator from anyone you chat with.

DateText (Free): Allows you to change the date on your lockscreen by small text that is chosen. Just go to the settings to select your text.

Dim (Free): Lets you to artificially darken your display below the iOS minimum brightness. While Dim's settings can be changed from settings app, you can also enable or disable it and even change its brightness using Activator or Flipswitch.

FaceBOpenIN (Free): Lets you share facebook images with other apps.

FBCopyTXT (Free): Lets you copy Facebook posts texts with longpress gesture.

FileBroswer (Free): Advanced file manager running under root.

InstaCopyTXT (Free): Lets you copy most texts you see in Instagram app with double tap.

InstaOpenIN (Free): Share Instagram photos and videos in other apps.

KillBackground8 (Free): It kills all background apps and adds special buttons to the AppSwitcher view.

LockSmoother (Free): Allows customising lockscreen with some sleek effect. You can edit everything through the settings panel.

NoAudiaoRecorder (Free): Removes the recording button from Messages app.

Non-Stop Music 8 ($0.99): Allows Music to continue after respring. It is compatible with the stock Music app, the Spotify app and the Podcasts app, and has semi support for rdio.

NoUpdateHistory (Free): Deletes the history of your App Store app updates.

NoVolumeHUD (Free): NoVolumeHUD disallows displaying the Volume HUD when changing your Volume by tapping on the side volume buttons.

Power Informer (Free): Provides you with battery level alerts at starting levels and increments that you designate.

Predix ($1.49): Shows a countdown of how much more tome your battery will last, or how much time it will take to reach 100% while charging.

Preference Tag2 ($1.99): Allows you to enhance your Preferences app.

Prettier Banners ($0.99): When receiving a text message banner notification, the contact's profile photos will be shown instead of the Messages app icon. In case of group message notification, all the participants' name will be shown.

Simpler Photos ($0.99): Customises photo-related functions throughout iOS.

Support Unsupported Accessories8 (Free): Support Unsupported chargers and cables. It is tested on iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 8.1.1.

Transference (Free): Allows you to reorder the preferences app's cells.

UnderFace ($1): This tool gives the ability to take control of your privacy by providing a free and autonomous navigation of each individual within the social network. It provides several functions to the security and protection of that privacy.

WatchScreen ($1.29): A tweak that brings Apple Watch UI to iOS.