iOS 9 is by far the biggest operating system (OS) upgrade from Apple in history, as its public release was preceded by a spate of betas aimed at patching up any known bugs and broken features, while trying to add several performance improvements and exciting tweaks such as split-screen multitasking, and enhanced support for Siri and Search, among others. Nevertheless, a bunch of new inherent bugs and issues have cropped up with the release of iOS 9, as certain native features like Game Center (an online social multimedia platform) seems to be buggy out of the box.

Several iOS 9 users have reportedly taken to online support forums and Reddit to voice their concerns over the prevalent issues with Game Center in iOS 9. It is ascertained that a simple tap on the Game Center icon on the Home Screen results in a blank, white screen that can be removed only if you quit the app.

Game Center actually stores the gaming stats pertaining to players' performance across various iOS games, and hence the issue has indirectly impacted all dependent games and apps. It is further reported that several attempts at wiping the affected iOS device or performing a clean restore have not been fruitful, as the issue seems to return once the user loads the backup data.

Apple is apparently working on a fix to resolve the problem through future updates to iOS 9. However, those who cannot wait for the official bugfix update may try downgrading their operating system back to iOS 8.4.1, which seems to be completely stable as far as support for Game Center is concerned.