Just recently, an industry insider leaked information regarding the upcoming shipments of the iPhone 12. With almost every Android OEMs introducing models with 5G connectivity, it would have put Apple at a disadvantage if it did not adopt to the technology. So far, supply chain sources have confirmed that smartphones will support the new global wireless standard. Unfortunately, the latest details about the handsets reveal a surprising caveat. It looks like only the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be compatible with mmWave 5G.

Although the rest of the lineup are technically equipped to work with 5G these are likely limited to Sub-6 GHz spectrum. Although this might not seem relevant to consumers who already intend to purchase the flagship-grade version, another unexpected issue was just revealed. "A wireless industry source" apparently disclosed everything about the iPhone 12, according to Fast Company. It reveals that only the iPhone 12 Pro Max models for the United States, South Korea, and Japan will support mmWave 5G.

This decision from Apple might not be well received as there are evidently other global markets with the wireless infrastructure to support mmWave 5G. Some analysts are already calling into question the rumours related to the manufacturer's cost-cutting plans for the iPhone 12. Reports claim that the retail packaging of the handsets will be as bare-bones as it gets for a premium device. In an effort to offset the production expenses, it will not ship with a charger and EarPods.

While it remains to be seen until the official announcement confirms all speculation, it is already drawing negative criticism from a number of people. While this might appear as an eco-friendly approach for existing iPhone users, it might seem counterintuitive for those who plan to get it as their first iOS smartphone. Moreover, this would push other potential buyers to stick with their existing mobile phones or purchase a new one from a competitor instead.

Apple patent issue
Apple says it will appeal the court decision that it violated tech patents Photo: AFP / Angela Weiss

Apple already confirmed that its manufacturing facilities have encountered problems due to the pandemic. Hence, the iPhone 12 launch will be delayed by several weeks. Now that consumers are aware of 5G situation, it is possible that sales targets for 2020 might not be met. 4G versions of the smartphones are rumoured to ship later in 2021.