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Apple could be planning to add a Plus model to its upcoming iPhone 15 lineup Pixabay

Apple is mum on its plan to unveil the much-awaited iPhone 14 series successor later this year. Still, some reports claim the American tech giant will launch the long-rumoured iPhone 15 series this fall. Notably, the lineup will comprise four models, including the Plus version of the iPhone.

The word on the street is that the iPhone Plus will be a part of the upcoming iPhone 15 series. To those aware, the iPhone 14 Plus sales were reportedly disappointing. To recap, this 6.7-inch iPhone was launched in September 2022.

Now, the iPhone 15 series rumour mill is in full swing. The 2023 iPhones have been subject to a lot of speculations and leaks lately. According to a new report, the iPhone 15 series will switch to USB-C connectivity, but users will need MFi-certified cables and chargers to achieve faster charging speeds.

Likewise, reliable leaker Ice Universe believes the iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature the world's thinnest bezels. While nothing is set in stone yet, a new report from DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants) claims the iPhone Plus could be in the offing this year. It is worth noting that DSCC monitors Apple's panel orders for the company's wide range of smartphones.

Folks at Phone Arena pointed out that the DSCC report suggests the panel shipments of the iPhone 14 Plus are 59 percent higher compared to the panel shipments of the iPhone 13 mini at the current stage in the production cycle. It is also worth mentioning here that the Cupertino-based tech firm ousted the iPhone mini variant last year in favour of the iPhone 14 Plus.

iPhone 14 Plus Vs. iPhone 13 mini: Which iPhone is better?

Apple targeted consumers who wanted a more compact version of the regular iPhones with the iPhone 13 mini and the iPhone 12 mini. Notably, most iPhone models sport displays of 6 inches and above. Despite the demand for small phones, a considerable number of consumers still prefer using phones with larger displays.

As a result, the iPhone 13 mini and the iPhone 12 mini failed to garner popularity among consumers. So, the company understandably decided to replace the iPhone mini with the iPhone 14 Plus. The Plus model features a mammoth 6.7-inch display, just like the iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, it costs $200 less than the highest-end model in the iPhone 14 range.

The DSCC report implies Apple's decision to use a big screen on its fourth iPhone model is finally paying off. However, the numbers mentioned in the report allude only to panel orders and not sales. Still, the fact that the company is getting more 6.7-inch panels for the $999 iPhone means greater numbers of the Plus model have been sold than the mini.

The company does not categorise its iPhone sales based on models. However, some reports indicate the iPhone 14 Pro models are outperforming the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus in terms of popularity among buyers. This doesn't come as a surprise given that Apple brought significant upgrades, such as a new A16 Bionic chipset and a 48MP main camera only to the Pro models.

iPhone 15 series: What to expect?

Earlier reports suggested Apple might ditch the Plus model in the upcoming iPhone 15 series. However, the fact that Apple is planning to expand the panel orders of iPhone 14 Plus confirms the phone has a long-term future. So, it will be interesting to see whether Apple will continue to release Plus models after the iPhone 15 lineup.

The company is reportedly gearing up to introduce an iPhone Ultra model next year. As expected. the iPhone Ultra will boast better features and get higher-end specs than the Pro Max model. Moreover, it will carry a steep price tag. So, if Apple does not abandon the Plus model in 2024, the iPhone 16 lineup could comprise five iPhones. This includes the four current models, as well as the Ultra.