Apple unveiled its latest iPhone 14 series models at the Far Out 2022 event. Aside from new iPhones, the American tech firm announced many other Apple devices at the recently concluded event.

Notably, the event also marked the end of the iPhone Mini series. Now, the word on the street is that Apple is planning to get rid of the standard 6.1-inch iPhone as well.

Amid the lack of an official confirmation, the rumour mill has been forming speculations about the iPhone 15 lineup. In line with this, rumours are rife that Apple will ditch another iPhone model next year.

The Cupertino-based tech giant is reportedly working on a high-end iPhone Ultra model. Aside from adding a new iPhone, Apple is also planning to scrap the 6.1-inch base iPhone model.

This piece of shocking information has been shared by PhoneArena. Apple has now come under fire from netizens who strongly disapprove of the iPhone 15 Ultra model.

Some Twitter users even point out that the iPhone Pro Max model is already quite large. So, the base iPhone model is the only compact phone from Apple.

As a result, many Apple fans fancy using the base iPhone model. These users understandably criticize Apple's decision to ditch the compact standard iPhone.

Also, Apple is reportedly gearing up to bring some exclusive Ultra features to the iPhone 15 Ultra model. So, the Ultra could burn a huge hole in your pocket since it will boast an array of premium features.

Many iPhone users are against the launch of another Pro Max model in the form of the iPhone 15 Ultra. According to new leaks, the iPhone 15 Ultra will come with a premium titanium build.

Titanium is as strong as stainless steel but 45 percent lighter. So, if this speculation proves to be true, the iPhone 15 Ultra will weigh less than the unwieldy iPhone 14 Pro Max.

However, this is mere speculation since Apple has neither confirmed nor denied these reports yet.

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