China Unicom is now offering on-site pocket enlargement for its iPhone 6 Plus customers, according to a new report from GSMArena.

The carrier, which happens to be China's second biggest, has brought in a team of on-site tailors at its store in Shanghai to offer the service of pocket enlargement to those customers who purchase the bigger iPhone 6 Plus.

An image of a tailor working on a pair of pants is apparently going viral on China's social network Weibo. Check it out above.

This initiative is a well planned publicity stint that was designed to get the Chinese carrier a serious amount of attention. Why? Because in Asia, large-screen smartphones are very common, with consumers in the continent tending to opt for larger screen smartphones over the smaller ones that are popular in the west. So it goes without saying that customers will require a pocket-enlargement to store their new iPhone 6 Plus.

However, GSMArena adds that the "PR campaign is not original either, as KPN telecom in the Netherlands offered tailor services to its customers at the iPhone 6 launch last month as well."

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