In what comes as an extremely shocking update, Lewis Hilsenteger, the man behind the popular YouTube Technology show, Unbox Therapy, has compared the iPhone 6 Plus and the new Moto X (2014) in a bend test. The results are not in Apple's favour, with the iPhone 6 Plus bending with absolute ease. Check it out below.

The video embedded here happens to be a follow-up to Hilsenteger's original video, in which he tried to test claims that Apple's new iPhones were bendable.

In what came as a shock to iPhone fans around the globe, Hilsenteger managed to bend the iPhone 6 Plus on video with only a decent amount of force. The video went viral in just a few hours after being uploaded and won UnboxTherapy widespread attention across the World Wide Web.

In the latest video, Hilsenteger took his iPhone 6 Plus bend test out into the city of Toronto and proceeded to bend a brand new smartphone in full public view. This time, he managed to bend the smartphone even quicker, causing its display to peel off from the aluminium frame that held it.

Following this, he pulled out the new Moto X, which also happens to use a metal frame. It appeared that Hilsenteger used much more pressure to try and bend the Moto X, but failed to leave any permanent damage. Even though the phone did flex a little, it did come back to its original shape instantly, showing no visible bend or damage.

Do you think Apple's iPhone 6 is as flimsy as the test claims? Let us know in the comments below.