Apple iPhone 6 Plus
The next-gen Apple iPhone may offer a 16GB internal storage variant, apart from the higher-priced 64GB and 128GB editions Reuters

Apple's next flagship smartphone, rumoured to be the iPhone 6s, will reportedly be available in the 16GB internal storage variant. The device is said to be an entry-level edition similar to the current-gen iPhone 6 that comes in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB variants.

The iPhone 6s was expected to be released with 32GB internal storage and not 16GB.

However, a 9to5Mac report suggests that the flash memory of the entry-level 6s could still be 16GB, allowing Apple to sell the 32GB and higher internal storage variants at higher prices.

Folks at 9to5Mac claim to have obtained prototype images of the circuit board of the smartphone and have analysed the logic board (and images of the smartphones' internals) in combination with Chipworks (a technology partner).

16GB iPhone 6S
Logic board of the purported iPhone 6s obtained by 9to5Mac 9to5Mac

As per the analysis of the logic board, there is a 16GB Toshiba Flash Memory chip in a 19nm production process.

16GB Apple iPhone 6S
The 16GB Toshiba Flash Memory chip of the purported iPhone 6s 9to5Mac

Further, the 9to5Mac report hints that the 16GB variant of the device will be priced on the lower side.

Earlier, Apple's vice-president of Marketing, Phil Schiller had justified that lack of storage on cheaper iPhones would not pose a problem for users. He also suggested that users can prioritise the cloud instead of storing files on physical media.

Apple could currently be using the 16GB iPhone 6s only as a prototype model for testing purposes, rather than for deployment as we have seen the Cupertino-based company do so in the past.