The rumoured iPhone 7 might incorporate noise cancelling wireless headphones, a waterproof design and wireless charging features. Apple is reported to be working on replacing the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack with wireless headphones, making the phone slimmer than its predecessors.

A Fast Company report cited unnamed sources as claiming that the iPhone 7 will utilise the lightning cable port for sound output. This means users will either be able to hook their wired headphones to the charging dock or use wireless headphones. The report goes on to claim that Apple has partnered with UK audio company Wolfson Microelectronics to include noise cancelling features in its internal audio system.

The report adds that Apple will most likely introduce a brand new range of lightning-compatible headsets separately with the launch of the iPhone 7. It is still unclear if Apple will offer the updated headphones as part of iPhone 7's audio headset.

The rumoured wireless charging feature could prove a big breakthrough for Apple. Reports suggest that the inductive charging technology of Apple Watch could be replicated and adjusted to the new iPhone in order to make the wireless charging feature work. Again, in line with an earlier rumour, the new iPhone could use Apple Watch's waterproof technology. Apple also filed a patent on 7 January which hints at the possibility of the iPhone 7 supporting a twin camera system.