iPhone 7 mockup
You might not be able to buy a 16GB iPhone 7 Martin Hajek

The argument for a smartphone with 16GB storage or less has diminished over the years as we download more and higher-quality content onto our devices. Apple may have finally cottoned on to this fact, with reports claiming that the company will kill off its 16GB variant for its nascent smartphone.

Citing sources "familiar with Apple's iPhone plans," the Wall Street Journal reports that 2016's iPhone – potentially the iPhone 7, but who knows what Apple has planned – will arrive with 32GB storage as standard. This means future entry-level iPhones will come with double the capacity of current models.

It will come as good news for iPhone buyers who feel obliged or are otherwise forced to opt for the 16GB variant due to monetary constraints, only to find the 11GB or so usable space quickly eaten up by apps, photos and videos.

We take all smartphone rumours with a pinch of salt, although previous reports have also said Apple is ditching its 16GB base model. The same reports suggest the next iPhone will come in 128GB and 256GB variants, meaning plenty of space for users to play with.

Whether that will quell the furore surrounding the headphone jack debate remains to be seen, but either way we will know for sure in September, when Apple is due to reveal all. Until then, you can read up on everything we have heard so far about the iPhone 7 on our rumour round-up page, as well as check out some nifty concept images.