A concept video has given an early indication of how the iPhone 7's rumoured dual camera could change the way we look at smartphone cameras.

The impressive footage suggests that the next iOS mobile device may have two entirely separate lenses, rather than having a dual-lens camera offering different focal lengths in one camera module like we have seen in recent Sony designs.

The advantage of setting up a possible iPhone 7 camera in this way would be that it could shoot two photos or videos at once, with one lens operating as a regular shooter while the other would take advantage of mooted optical zoom capabilities.

Rather than having two separate photos or videos however the phone would merge the two images together within the camera roll, with both the zoomed and standard images available to view in a split-screen format. Having the dual camera set up in this way separates it from the previous attempts we have seen at mobile devices with two camera modules like the HTC One M8, or even the upcoming LG G5.

Using both camera modules simultaneously would give budding photographers the scope to take a regular image, while playing around with the zoom level (and according to an Apple patent even slow motion in a dual-camera video) and the image's focus point in the second dual window. You can see this in practice in the below video (from MacRumors).

YouTube / MacRumors

While at first it might be difficult to imagine a situation where this feature could actually become useful, the idea of filming a particular athlete during a sporting event up close and personal with optical zoom, while the regular camera films the rest of the field is an encouraging example. Just imagine filming a penalty taker at the football in slow motion, while the regular camera captures the crowd reaction. Those post-goal YouTube videos would certainly be more enjoyable to watch.

There has been no official confirmation from Apple about its plans for the iPhone 7 camera, or for any aspect of the next iPhone for that matter. For now we will have to make do with creative concept videos, as long as they are not as crazy as this one.

While maybe not quite as exciting as the prospect of the Cupertino company's next flagship device, we may finally see the much rumoured iPhone SE – a smaller form factor iPhone more akin to the iPhone 5S – at Apple's expected media event on 21 March where it is also likely to show off an iPad Pro-esque third iteration of the iPad Air family.