The iPhone 8 could come with a feature that would let users unlock the device using the face instead of fingerprint.

Apple is testing an improved security system that allows users to log in, authenticate payments and launch apps by scanning their face, people familiar with the plan told Bloomberg. The technology uses a new 3-D sensor. The company is also said to be testing eye scanning to augment the system.

The system scans the user's face to unlock the iPhone 8 within a few milliseconds. It is reportedly meant to replace the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

The face unlock uses more data points than a fingerprint scan, which makes it more secure than the Touch ID. Apple's sensor has 3-D depth perception, which is less likely to be duped by 2-D images.

The next iPhone is expected to have glass on both the front and back. The front and back glass could look continuous because of the thin steel surrounding frame. The display's only break would be a cutout on the glass to fit in the earpiece, front-facing camera and facial recognition sensor, the Bloomberg report suggests.

The 3-D sensor is being tested for the OLED iPhone 8 variant. All the three phones will reportedly include faster, powerful processors based on a 10-nanometre production process, according to the report.

The revamped iPhone will have slimmer side bezels around the screen and a virtual software-based button, instead of a physical home button. Apple seems to have faced difficulties integrating the Touch ID fingerprint scanner into the new screen. The company is also said to be testing gestures such as swiping across the centre of the screen to launch action to replace the home button.