Killer Instinct
Iron Galaxy's Killer Instinct will launch on Steam sometime later this year. Microsoft Studios

Iron Galaxy's hit brawler Killer Instinct is making its way to Steam sometime later this year, the developer announced after the Community Effort 2017 tournament in Orlando, Florida. The game's official Twitter account confirmed the news on Sunday, 18 June after CEO Gaming founder Alex Jebailey first revealed the news during the event's livestream.

"That's right, KI is coming to Steam later this year! Thanks to @CEOJebailey for helping us break the news. More details to follow," the game's Twitter page wrote.

In November 2013, the revived version of Killer Instinct was launched for Xbox One as a free-to-play reboot of Rare's 1994 classic fighting game series.

Published by Microsoft Studios, the critically acclaimed fighter was later rolled out for Windows 10 through the Windows Store in March 2016.

It was initially developed by Double Helix Games before the studio was purchased by Amazon in 2014. Developer Iron Galaxy later took over the game's development.

Since then, Killer Instinct has completed three seasons and still continues to introduce new content and characters to its rotating roster.

Eagle, the brother of Thunder who was officially unveiled towards the end of May, is set to join the fighter's roster on 27 June as the game's 29th character. A new gameplay video for Eagle was shown off at CEO 2017 as well.

The developer has not yet released any details about the Steam version of Killer Instinct such its official release date, pricing or content.