queen game of thrones
The Queen looks at the Iron Throne as she visits the set of the TV show Game of Thrones in the Titanic Quarter of Belfast, Northern Ireland Reuters

Ever wondered how much the Central Perk couch in Friends would fetch at auction or the market value of Captain Kirk's command chair? Well, new research from antiques marketplace LoveAntiques.com has divvied up the numbers and you may be pleasantly surprised.

We all know that furniture really adds to the mise en scène , thus making even the smallest set-piece essential. Taking in consideration the item's level of recognition, condition and the value of the material used as well as the current antique market, the Iron Throne from the monumental fantasy TV show Game of Thrones has been appraised as the most valuable furniture from the small and silver screen.

Since the start of the HBO fantasy series, the sinister seat of power – which is forged from a thousand enemy swords – has played host to many power-hungry, and even hapless, leaders.

The site has estimated that despite its foreboding appearance, you would have to fork out a £7.6m ($9.7) in materials and £2.16m in labour costs to make the iron throne. That adds up to a hefty £9.76m for a solid steel seat that weighs around 2.5 tonnes.

And the Iron Throne is not the only hot seat that would set you back quite a bit. Experts believe that Captain Kirk's original swivel command chair −which kept William Shatner's bottom warm from 1966- 1994− would cost around £120,000 today. Just for context, a replica that measured 41' tall and 42-inches wide went on sale for $2,200 back in 2009.

"I'm sure we're all curious to know how much these iconic items from our favourite TV shows and films would fetch if they were to be sold privately and believe me there are a lot of collectors out there willing to pay a pretty penny for them," Will Thomas managing director at LoveAntiques.com said

"Our antiques dealer is an expert in famous items especially film and TV props, so I'm confident that the valuations are as accurate as they can be. We also thought it would be fun to evaluate how much magical items such as the wardrobe from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe would cost, although these figures are very much estimates!"

The 10 most iconic furniture pieces from TV and film and the valuations

1. Game of Thrones Iron Throne £9.76m

2. Captain Kirk's command chair £120,000

3. Friends Central Perk Couch £20,000

4. Austin Powers lip sofa £18,000

5. Men In Black Egg chair £12,000

6. Dr. Strangelove's war room table £11,000

7. Forest Gump bench £5,000

8. Joey and Chandler's Barcaloungers £6,000 (for pair)

9. Matrix red leather wingback chair £3,000

10. Frasier's Father's Barcalounger £1800