Isis's Islamic Caliphate Broadcast channel to feature 'Time to Recruit' show and British hostage John Cantlie series. Twitter

Islamic State (Isis) militants are reportedly launching the group's first 24-hour online TV channel.

Several social media users have since Friday (16 January) shared a teaser video, revealing that the channel will be named 'The Islamic Caliphate Broadcast'.

Wake up! They Adapt & Attract.
Time to Recruit': Isis to launch its own 24hr online TV channel

— Timothy Zaal (@tzh82hope) January 18, 2015

The TV channel was rumoured to be broastcast from the website,, but the site is now inaccessible.

The channel is set to feature a program called 'Time to Recruit', as well as a new video series by British captive John Cantlie.

Cantlie was last seen in an IS propaganda video on 3 January.

The IS militant group already operates a FM radio channel, Al-Bayan, from Mosul in northern Iraq and a satellite TV station, Tawheed, from Libya.

Online jihadist movements' analyst J.M.Berger says the website has been live for a while.

"My best guess is this is a fanboy effort," said Berger, reported The Washington Post.