Abu Abdullah al-Britani
Islamic State fighter Abu Abdullah al-Britani features in the new IS video Twitter

Isis (Islamic State) released a new video last night featuring three jihadists from Germany, France and the UK.

Entitled Wait. We are also Waiting, the film was shot in the Syrian town of Dabiq. It shows each of the militants lambasting their former homeland and goading the West to send troops to fight Islamic State.

The British jihadist's nom de guerre is Abu Abdullah al-Britani.

Al-Britani is 20 years old and of Eritrean origin. He grew up in London and converted to Islam from Christianity. It is thought he has been fighting in Syria since December 2013.

Speaking in the video, Al-Britani threatens the West, dismissing it as "puppets and apostates".

He says: "We are waiting for you in Dabiq. We are waiting for you in Iraq so bring your coalition of unbelievers because unbelievers will not help you. We will take their weaponry as booty and these people will die."

He vows that IS fighters "are willing to lay down our blood on this soil." He urges the West to send ground troops to Iraq and Syria, promising "we will kill every single soldier."

"We will chop off the heads of the Americans. We will chop off the heads of the French, chop of the heads of whoever you may bring."

Al-Britani confidently declares the recent US led air strikes "will not divert us from our plans." Instead he says they will "only strengthens us and only gives us more purpose to be here."

The British jihadist goes on to boast about the number of IS foreign fighters and threatens to bury any Western soldier who tries to fight them.

He ends his statement by declaring that the black flag of the Caliphate will "eventually be on the White House."

Al-Britani is not new to the world of IS propaganda videos. He appeared in another video alongside fighters from Finland and America back in August. Entitled Eid Greetings from the Land of the Khilafah, Al-Britani introduces himself with a different nom de guerre, Abu Abdullah al-Habashi.

In the video he describes how much he loves life under IS: "I don't think there is anything better than living in land of the Khilafah. You know the rights and you are not living under oppression. You are not living under rule. You are not living under the kufr. You are living by the Qu'ran and by the Su'rah.

"As Muslims, that's what we want and that's what we need. We don't need any democracy, we don't need any communism, we don't need anything like that. All we need is Shar'ia."

He has previously been interviewed on BBC Newsnight in August in which he admitted that his family had been trying to persuade him to return home but he had insisted there was "no going back."

He said: "They say what all parents would say, 'come back you're crazy etc.' But I'm here for the sake of Allah."

Al-Britani also claimed in the interview that he had been fighting with IS in Ramadi, Iraq. He described it as "the best fighting and the hardest fighting" and that "US-made weapons was the war booty."

A French jihadist, known as Abdul Wadoud al-Firansi, also appears in the video. Speaking in French, he describes French President Francois Hollande as a "swine" and says that "history shall witness events that have never occurred before" in Syria and Iraq.

"The Muslims who have arrived France to the Islamic State and the soldiers of the Islamic State are all ready for you."

"Come to Sham if you are real men. We are waiting for you."

The video ends with a statement from a German jihadist. Codenamed Abu Dauoud al-Almani, the bearded German wearing a pakol, briefly talks about the supposed significance of Dabiq, insisting that it will be the final battle ground between Islam and Christianity.

In his native German, he describes US President Barack Obama as "a filthy liar. You lied to your people and betrayed them."

He lambastes German Chancellor Angela Merkel for allegedly giving gifts to Israel. He urges the leaders of USA, UK and France to unite against Islam and fight IS on the ground in Dabiq, vowing "you will only lose."