This shocking video shows a "stampede" for reduced vegetables, with elderly people and children alike joining in the scrum for lettuce, swede and oranges.

Michael Finnigan posted the video on Twitter on Monday (27 November), explaining it was the "usual" 6pm stampede for reduced vegetables at Tesco in Eastbourne. He said: "Pensioners having tugs of war with 6 year olds over a bit of veg. Excuse the noise, had someone's nan pulling me back!"

Throughout the video, which begins with a crowd of people first arriving at the reduced vegetable crates, Finnigan seemingly mocks those who are involved in the rush.

"Look at them go, look!" he said. "Give me a f**king 2p lettuce. Look at them f**king fighting. Look at them go. It's like feeding the piranhas."

For many people, though, this situation is no joke. The Trussell Trust, which runs more than 400 foodbanks across the UK, said the number of emergency three-day food supplies being given to people in need is on the rise.

In 2016/17, 1,182,954 supplies were given out by foodbanks, compared to 1,109,309 in 2015/16. The biggest reason for people needing emergency foodbank supplies was low income, at 26.49%, followed by benefit delays, at 26.01%.

In response to the video, a Tesco spokesperson said: "To make sure no good food goes to waste we reduce the price of some fresh products towards the end of the day. When the store is busy we have colleagues on hand to manage the reductions and make sure all our customers can shop safely. We're sorry if any customers were inconvenienced on this occasion."