The Harvey Weinstein scandal has prompted many celebrities to open up about the sexual harassment they faced in the workplace. Joining that league are several actresses, rock stars and other female celebrities who have accused director James Toback of sexual misconduct during their careers.

However, the Hollywood director dismissed the accusations and claimed that the celebrities had "ganged up" against him.

During an interview with the Rolling Stone on 27 October, Toback said: "They hear each other. And they gang up. It doesn't have anything to do with my life in any way. It never has. I work seriously with complete integrity. I never, never, never have offered a part to anyone who didn't deserve it, and I've never not delivered when I do offer a part."

The interviewer and LA Weekly reporter, Hillel Aron claims that he spoke to nine people who accused the Hollywood director of sexual misconduct and all narrated similar experiences.

When asked about the accusations, the 72-year-old Bugsy director ranted against the celebrities.

"Lemme be really clear about this. I don't want to get a pat on the back, but I've struggled seriously to make movies with very little money, that I write, that I direct, that mean my life to me. The idea that I would offer a part to anyone for any other reason than that he or she was gonna be the best of anyone I could find is so disgusting to me. And anyone who says it is a lying c********r or c**t or both. Can I be any clearer than that?"

Throughout the interview, Aron claims that Toback was furious about the allegations and constantly claimed innocence.

"Anyone who says that, I just want to spit in his or her f*****g face. I'm sitting here with Sienna Miller. By the way, no one who's ever worked with me would ever say anything like that. No one. But I've just finished a movie with Sienna, which you should see, and help to get out there, called The Private Life of a Modern Woman. But here, she's sitting right here, so just say hello to her," the director added.

Over 200 women, including Selma Blair and Rachel McAdams, have accused Toback of sexually harassing them when they were starting out in their careers.