Some of Hollywood's darkest secrets are all out in the open as the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal unfolds. Since the startling revelations were made, many more celebrities have openly discussed the serious issue, recalling the horrendous experiences they had to endure in the industry in the past.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has joined the league and called out the entertainment mogul as a "brutish thug" in her scathing column for Huffington Post. In her write-up, the former Scream Queen actress slammed Weinstein's "grotesque power play" that allegedly forced many to face sexual harassment in exchange for jobs in the movie industry.

"Perhaps this grotesque power play to 'get some' by this brutish thug of a man and the attempts by him, his lawyer, his board and famous friends to, once again, keep it under wraps and blame the victim will fail," she wrote.

Curtis also slammed fashion designer Donna Karan for supporting the disgraced film producer. She accused Karan of "slut-shaming" the alleged victims by claiming that they were "asking for it".

"A fellow woman, one who makes her living dressing famous women in tight, sexy dresses and one who built her empire to do her good works all over the world, would throw these brave women under the bus in a weird, mean girl version of slut-shaming?" Curtis asked.

She went on to add that people come to the movie industry to seek jobs and obviously not the harassment associated with it. She also revealed her own experience in the entertainment business. "I, too, have been subjected to my own private, personal versions of sexual harassment on the job. Did I ask for it? No. What I simply asked for was a job, and what came with it was sexual harassment," the 58-year-old wrote.

Weinstein is in hot water after being accused of sexually harassing multiple women for decades, including Hollywood A-List actresses like Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow.