A woman in Japan made a lucky escape after getting caught up in a rabbit stampede.

A video of the stampede was uploaded to YouTube and shows the woman fleeing from what seems to be hundreds of rabbits, who chase her down the street then crowd around her – possibly looking for some food from her shopping bags.

The fluffy animals swarm around her and she is cornered in the park on the Japanese island of Okunoshima, which is just off the coast of Takehara.

They seem to be appeased after she scatters some food on the ground for them.

Rabbits were introduced to Okunoshima after WWII when the island was developed as a park.

The rabbits were set loose and thrived on the island, as it is illegal to hunt them. It is also forbidden for cats and dogs to be taken to the island, so rabbits have fewer predators to worry about.

As a result, Okunoshima has become known as Rabbit Island, with tourists feeding the animals.