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  • Known as 'The Korean Hulk', Je-yong Ha is a professional arm wrestler.
  • The pair started hanging out in the summer.

Earlier this week, bodybuilding site Liftn published a story with the headline: "Lindsay Lohan is Dating a Massive Korean Billionaire Arm Wrestling Bodybuilder". In it, they compiled a list of Instagram posts of The Parent Trap star with Je-yong Ha, a professional arm wrestler who refers to himself as 'The Korean Hulk'. It was meant to be a persuasive case for the two being an item.

However, the story is sadly fake. A source told Vanity Fair: "They are 100% percent not dating at all. They're just friends". What is true, though, is that social media is shipping them regardless.

This is what we know thus far. Je-yong Ha lives in Russia, according to his Facebook page, and arm wrestles professionally. From his social media accounts it appears he and Lohan met in Mykonos, where they both spent much of the summer.

The pair were first seen together on social media on 11 August, followed by a number of videos and pictures of them singing through the night, clubbing and eating out together.

Ha's accolades include winning a bench-pressing competition in Korea this October where he lifted 200kg – he says his personal best is 260 kg – and being an events promoter. He also claims to arm wrestle strangers and award them just under $1,000 if they win.

Sadly it's been pointed out that while Lohan makes appearances on Je-yong Ha's Instagram pictures regularly, he is still yet to be featured on hers – not a great sign for those shipping the two as a couple.

Either way it seems the friendship has gained him fans from across the world.