Jennifer Garner lied to skip Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's wedding in Georgia last month, a new report claimed.

Sources told Globe Magazine, in its latest edition, that Garner was not completely honest when she declined Affleck and Lopez's invitation to attend their second wedding on August 20. On the same day, the "13 Going 30" star was spotted shopping with her beau, John Miller, at a wholesale club in West Virginia.

Though Garner ditched the three-day wedding bash, her three children with Affleck – Seraphina, Violet and Samuel – graced the luxurious event to support their dad. During the sighting, William Garner, father of the "Catch and Release" actress, also accompanied the couple.

An unnamed insider told the entertainment news outlet, "Jennifer spun the line that this was a scheduling conflict, but people in her world are saying that's baloney. If she'd wanted to attend the wedding, she could have."

The same tipster claimed that Jennifer Garner had to make up an excuse because she was simply not interested in seeing her ex-husband, Ben Affleck, tying the knot with Jennifer Lopez. The "Elektra" star allegedly did not know how to tell the lovebirds the truth without hurting their feelings.

The tattler furthered, "Truth is, she can't stand the whole Bennifer 2.0 circus. It's privately eating her heart out."

Globe Magazine reported that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were disappointed that Jennifer Garner missed their big day. An informant shared, "J.Lo and Ben invited Jen to the wedding and were disappointed she didn't find a way to be there. But it would have been a nightmare for Jen to have been there watching this cheesy spectacle. She dodged a bullet."

Other sources suggested that Jennifer Garner failed to witness Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's second wedding due to work obligations. A mole told the news outlet, "Jennifer Garner is hard at work on a project in Texas and won't be attending the wedding celebration, but she's been totally supportive of her kids being there."

Jennifer Garner has yet to comment on the claims that she lied to skip Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's wedding. So, devoted supporters of the "Yes Day" star should take all these unverified reports with a pinch of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner Getty Images/Steven Ferdman