Supernatural season 13
Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean in Supernatural The CW

Although there is no ending in sight yet for The CW's longest running show Supernatural, actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles –who play Sam and Dean Winchester in the show –have their wishlist ready for the series finale.

The actors want their former boss, creator Eric Kripke, to return to pen the series finale. Padalecki told TVLine, "I don't like to say, 'When the show ends,' because the show's not going to end. But when the show does start to wrap down, I would love to see Eric come back and give his opinion. Because he created us in the first place, so it would be an honor."

Ackles echoed the sentiment, and added, "It would be a nice little bow on top of the whole thing [to] have Eric take us out."

Kripke, who departed as showrunner six years ago, spoke about revisiting his former show for a series finale. He said, "I do fantasize that it would be great to at least come in and be a co-writer of the finale, whenever that would be. But obviously that depends on what [executive producer] Bob Singer wants, what [co-showrunner] Andrew Dabb wants [and] what I'm doing at the time. But yes, the idea of it would be cool, if possible."

Previously, CW president Mark Pedowitz addressed Supernatural ending and admitted that the show will continue as long as the ratings stay stable. He said, "As long as ratings stay stable, and they want to do the show, and I'm still in the chair, I'm going to be their biggest supporter to continue. I think 'Supernatural' is going to be around in some form long after I move off this chair, and the best thing I can do for the guys, and for the studio, and for the showrunners is basically make sure we don't mess them up."

Supernatural is currently in its 12 season, and airs every Thursday at 9pm EST on The CW Network.